Red hot poker granny’s!

Red hot poker plant – Photo:

It is week 3 of the Scheepjes CAL 2014 and this week we have a granny with a ‘poker flower’. When I saw the design it immediately reminded me of the Kniphofia, or as it is sometimes called, the Red Hot Poker plant. The Poker plant is not a succulent, but I think it fits here none the less. I love the Kniphofia and think it’s a great plant. I love the colors, it gives a beautiful accent to any border and it’s a low maintenance plant.

Anyway, getting back to the crocheting. As usual the pattern can be found on Wink’s site A Creative Being. I though the pattern was easy this week. Make sure you pay attention to do the corners right, but other than that, you should be okay. At this point it is clear to me that the blanket we are making is going to have a LOT of double crochets 🙂

My 6 squares for week 3 of the Scheepjes CAL 2014. I use autumn colors for the CAL.

17 thoughts on “Red hot poker granny’s!”

  1. I have heard so much about Scheepjes yarn, and I am looking forward to try it for myself. By looking at the photos of Scheepjes skeins, I sense it’s a beautiful yarn. It looks so soft and easy to handle. I live in the USA, Dallas County, and don’t know if you ship to US. I very much want to try Scheepjes yarn to make something beautiful. Thank you.


  2. I’ve never had the opportunity to use Scheepjeys but it looks amazing and I would love to win something up as the color palette is my all time fav colors!!!;)


  3. Well Happy Birthday and job well done on your blog !! Would love to win this ,
    I have heard so much about Scheepjes yarn but have not had the opportunity yet to try it, so maybe I will get my chance by winning it 🙂 . Thanks


  4. Happy birthday…love your site and all the videos you do, you explain each and every stitch so well. I have gotten to were I watch them even if I understand written pattern, that’s how much I enjoy them.
    I have not tried Scheepjes yarns as of yet, but would really love to get chance to try them out when making something. You are so generous to be giving some lucky person this yarn!


  5. ~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY Esther and It’s All In a Nutshell ~ I have never used Scheepjes yarns, but always ohh and aww at the beautiful items I see posted by those using it. I was first introduced to Scheepjes yarns by Sophie’s Universe CAL by Dedri and love all the amazing colors. Because I am 65 and live on $750 a month disability, I am making my Sophie with Red Heart Super Saver yarns. Scheepjes yarns are just in my dreams, but a girl should never stop dreaming…even when she gets old! ❤


  6. Happy Birthday Esther! Hasn’t been to long since I found you on Facebook. There’s a whole world of crochet friends out there. I am loving it. I did not know there was such an extensive variety of yarn out there as well. Would love to try the Scheepjes yarn and try my hand at a Sophie. Send it on to Canada! Again Happy Birthday to you and your blog! You are inspirational!


  7. Growing up we had basic colors. With Scheepjes we have the world! I can see my dear mom’s garden. I can see a beautiful day at the beach. Maybe I see the a bazaar with everything under the sun, every color under the sun all in one place. With Scheepjes I can dream and then bring the dream alive. It’s all about life! Thank you for the wonderful blog, patterns, spirit, joy. You bring the world to life for me.


  8. Happy Birthday! I think the Scheepjes colour palette is fabulous. I haven’t used it yet but I’ll take your word about it being amazing to work with. Here’s hoping!


  9. Hi Esther, Happy Birthday! I know you are a dutch girl like me, so I will reply in Dutch, is a bit easier for me.
    Sinds dit jaar ben ik echt ‘verslaafd’ aan haken, vooral allerlei dekens in verschillende soorten en steken. Op 22 oktober was mijn moeder jarig en heb ik haar een Granny Square deken cadeau gedaan (was mijn voorlaatste haakproject). ‘n Paar weken geleden Sophie’s Universe ontdekt. Dat is waar ik nu met veel plezier in mijn vrije tijd aan werk. Ik heb gekozen voor de mooie Scheepjeswol, de Stone Washed, niet de XL maar de andere, gebruik wel dezelfde kleuren. Wordt erg mooi, het grootste en spannendste project wat ik ooit gemaakt heb, een hele uitdaging, geweldig. De scheepjeswol vind ik fantastisch, het kleurenpalet is erg mooi op elkaar afgesteld en haakt lekker weg (met haaknaald 3,5).Een feest om iedere keer weer een ronde verder te komen, en spannend welke nieuwe steken ik nu weer ga maken! Nooit gedacht dat ik zo’n groot project zou kunnen maken, maar dankzij jou geweldige video uitleg gaat het lukken. Veel dank daarvoor.
    De Engelse termen vind ik makkelijker te volgen dan de Nederlandse. Ik houd de geschreven versie van Dedri achter de hand, maar kan het met de video’s prima volgen.
    Het volgende haak project wordt zeker weer een met wol van Scheepjes. Ik denk aan jouw project around the base, vind ik ook een mooie uitdaging. Jouw pakket zou daar een mooi geschenk voor zijn…
    Groetjes van Silvia, uit Eindhoven.


  10. Ik ben heel nieuwsgierig naar dit garen en zou het geweldig vinden het te kunnen uitproberen. De kleuren zijn in elk geval heel erg mooi. Dus nu maar hopen!


  11. I’m saving up to buy some Scheepjes yarn to make a virus shawl for me and a scarf for my daughter, The colours are wonderful.
    Happy Blog Birthday


  12. Happy belated birthday Esther. I am a young 88year old girl.presently I am working on Sophie , I am now on part 16 , wanted to see your video on thePersian stich when I found this blog. I am in Canada and we don’t have scheepjes yarn, but oh my what lovely color range. Was looking at your bag you just finished and in my mind I could see my bag with those lovely colours.That would be such a nice Christmas present. Btw your videos are outstanding. Without them I don’t think I could have made Sophie.


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