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More popcorn please!

You know, the more I looked at my result of week 2 of the Scheepjes CAL 2014, the less happy I was with it. I honestly believe that doing the popcorn stitch and the background in the same color simply does not do justice to this beautiful design. I felt I had no other option than to redo 4 of the 6 granny’s; not that it’s a problem as I love doing this. I want my end result to be perfect!

So what I have done is I have made the popcorn stitch in each granny a different color from the rest of the granny. This way it ‘pops’ more.

I have made two videos on how to make this popcorn granny. All instruction videos for the CAL can be found on a dedicated video page.

Week 2 in one color
Week 2 with the popcorn in a second color

I make my blanket using Scheepjes ROMA in autumn colors. This package is selected by YLA Lifestyle & Wol and contains beautiful red and brown shades. However, next to these red and brown shades the package also contains a lovely shade of green and a soft white. I was very much in dubio as to what to do with the green and white. Although I love them and I want to use them in my blanket, I do not want large blobs of green or white in my brown-red blanket. By using the green and white to make an accent with the popcorn stitch I believe I have found a good balance for using the colors. I expect that we will have more opportunities the coming weeks to play with accent colors and the green and white will find their place in my blanket.

On the left my original granny’s in which 4 were not to my liking. On the right my new effort.

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