Jack the pirate

We have a new housemate, one-eyed Jack the pirate. His looks work against him because he really is the sweetest thing. He just loves to be around people and comes for hugs and kisses all the time. He is about 12 years old and we adopted him from our local shelter. This is the risk of volunteering at an animal shelter, sometimes you just fall in love with an animal.

We know little about him. He was brought in by the animal ambulance with an eye missing and just generally in bad shape. He had his eye surgically closed and he was treated for a respiratory infection. He was also severely underweight. A problem he does not have anymore 😀

I have always had cats and unfortunately I had to find Hera, my last cat, a new home because she was terrorizing the neighborhood. She loved to catch the wild rabbits and left the dead carcasses in my neighbors’ gardens. Needless to say this was not appreciated. Since Hera has gone to live with my mother we have been pet-less for a couple of months now. And to tell you the truth, it has been pretty quiet sometimes. Of course, my house is never quiet with two young boys running around like crazy, but you know what I mean.

So now when I sit on the couch I have a huge black cat on my lap. He’s slightly overweight from lack of exercise as he has been in the shelter for 6 months. Our shelter does not euthanize healthy animals. Ever. Period. This means that sometimes animals are there for a really long time before they find a home. But this old man has found a good home to spend the last of his days. And he can spend all of those days on my lap if he wants to 😉


3 thoughts on “Jack the pirate”

  1. How kind and gracious of you to adopt Jack the Pirate! We have adopted cats and dogs from the shelter where we live as well and they truly fulfill our lives with love and laughter. Here’s wishing you several years of the same love and laughter with Jack as we have found with our adoptees!!

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