The wings on the windmill

 They can say what they like, that this CAL is inspired by succulents and all that, but my grannys from this week look more like the wings of a windmill than a succulent. And since I live in The Netherlands, that’s okay. 😀 All joking aside, week 6 of the Scheepjes CAL 2014 is yet again a lovely granny designed by Wink. Easy to make and a fun design.

Right from the start I decided to make color variations to accentuate the different elements in the granny. Well…. one thing lead to another, and before you know it you have 6 colors in one granny!

This granny has a front post double crochet in addition to a whole lot of double crochets. By the end of this CAL I am really going to know how to make double crochets 🙂 A front post double crochet is the same as a regular double crochet with the difference that you do not make it in the top of the stitch as a regular double crochet but around the post of the stitch.The result is that the double crochet lays on top of the fabric to give a lovely subtle 3D effect. The frost post double crochet step-by-step: (1) yarn over the hook and insert from front to back around the post of the double crochet, (2) take the yarn through the first two loops, then through the second just like a double crochet, (3) All Done!


I have made the granny’s by working with two colors at a time. I take the color I am not using at that particular moment with me by holding it to the back of my work and crocheting over it. On the back you can see what I mean. By the way, I learned from my mum that the back of your work should be just as nice as the front, meaning that you should be able to recognize the pattern on the back. If your back is a big jumble of threads and knots and the design is nowhere to be found, there is room for improvement 🙂








Round 1 and 2 I made with one color, then I attached a second color with the slip stitch used to go to the opining in round 3. From that moment onwards I have 2 colors of yarn at any given time. I change colors at using the chain stitches before or after the post double crochets so that I have the right color of yarn for the next double crochet.

An overview of this weeks work. It is looking SO GOOOOOOOOOOOD 😀




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