Gifts with (growth) potential

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMy husband has a new job and his office roommates gave him a small farewell gift; a small selection of seeds. Seeing than I am the boss of the vegigarden, they actually gave the seeds to me 😉

It’s a lovely selection of seeds for things I have not always heard of before. Like Bayam. Any takers? No idea! Tomatillo? Has to be a cross between a tomato and an illo, but what is an illo? 😀

There are also things I grow anyway like parsnip, radish and carrots. The fruit salad is going to be a hard one. The Dutch climate is not very forgiving to Mediterranean fruit and since I don’t have a greenhouse my experiences with growing sun loving fruits has not been that good.

One thing I am deferentially going to try is the orange cucumber. It’s called ‘Lemon Apple’. Does that mean it tastes like a cucumber, a lemon or an apple? 😀 I can just see the looks on my kids’ faces! They will think I went completely mad if I ask them to eat a yellow cucumber. I must admit, eating something in a color different from what you expect is strange. I had black cherry tomatoes in my garden last year. To be honest, even though they tasted perfectly like tomatoes, the fact that they were black put me off so much that I just threw them out. It just didn’t match with the image in my head of what a tomato should look like.





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