BIG flowers

It’s week 8 of the Scheepjes CAL 2014 and this week we have a granny with a BIG flower. Until now the flowers were small to medium at most, but his time Wink has gone all out!



I have considered several ways of playing with color in this design. I’ve made a granny with 2 colors, 3 colors and 5 colors. All things considered, I believe that using 3 colors is the best option to find a good balance between a granny that looks fun without being crazy and messy with too many colors. My optimal color distribution: rows 1,2 and 3 in color A, rows 4 and 5 in color B and rows 6 to 10 in color C.

In a few weeks I will post a video showing how to make this lovely granny.


Only two more weeks to go, then all the grannys are done! I am really going to have withdrawal symptoms after this CAL 😀



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