OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt’s week 9 of the Scheepjes CAL and we are almost done. I must say that this week was a tough one and I should confess, this is the first time that I did not stick to the original pattern.

In the original pattern Wink asked us to make a leaf-design where the outer lines and the center line of the leaf is accentuated using a front post double crochet. I am using the acrylic yarn ROMA from Scheepjes and I noticed when we also used this stitch in week 7  that it does not show any difference compared to a normal double crochet. The yarn is just too thick and has the wrong texture for this stitch.

I was wondering what to do. I had just made half a square using the original pattern and I was really thinking ‘this is not going to work’. Then I saw on Facebook that someone had made the entire leaf using fpdc’s, and I though ‘That’s it!’. So I did the same. 😀 I also made the leaves a different color from the rest to make them stand out even a bit more.

Another thing I noticed working with this acrylic yarn is that it does not block so well. When I block something made with cotton yarn the result is a piece of cloth that’s as flat as a pancake. Not with ROMA. Even after wetting it completely it’s still not flat after drying. Yes, it is better than it was before blocking, but not half as flat and straight as I would like it to be. I think that this will not be a problem when the blanket is finished because then the surrounding grannys will keep each block ‘in shape’.

In a few weeks time I will make a video showing how to make the original design and how to make the design I used to make my grannys.








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