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Video: Sophie’s Universe part 1

Hey everyone,

Just to let you wonderful people know that the first video for Sophie’s Universe part 1 is available. The 8 rounds shown in this video are also part of Sophie’s Garden and Sophie’s Mandala. Dedri gave her stamp of approval for the video. The pattern for part 1 can be found on Dedri’s website.

I made this video using Scheepjeswol Cotton 8, a 3mm crochet hook and the following colors:

  • Round 1 – 714
  • Round 2 – 649
  • Round 3 – 529
  • Round 4 – 726
  • Round 5 – 723
  • Round 6 – 723
  • Round 7 – 723
  • Round 8 – 714

Working on part two now 🙂



7 thoughts on “Video: Sophie’s Universe part 1”

  1. I just found your video for sophies’universe. Thank you so much!!! It will make the whole process so much easier. I almost gave up a few times but with your videos it WILL work. Thanks again!!!
    Btw, are you Dutch and still living in the Netherlands? Your English is excellent! I’m a Dutchie and living in Texas.:-)))


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