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Video: Sophie’s Universe part 3

Yeh! Sophie’s Universe Part 3 is also done! You can also find all the videos on the dedicated page on this blog.

As usual I have used Scheepjes Cotton 8:

  • Round 16 – 714
  • Round 17 – 649
  • Round 18 – 716
  • Round 19 – 510
  • Round 20 – 717
  • Round 21 – 721
  • Round 22 – 726
  • Round 23 – 529
  • Round 24 – 529
  • Round 25 – 726

On to part 4 🙂



17 thoughts on “Video: Sophie’s Universe part 3”

  1. Thank you so much for this video! I have been struggling with row 20 and had to frog it several times. I was getting so frustrated I was almost ready to put Sophie on the shelf; but I think you just gave me the tools to continue! You’re a Godsend!


    1. I was too and the pattern says its a fpdtr but only stated ion video as a fptr.. no wonder mine was pulling xx sorted now and thanks for the videos – hey are a great help


  2. I really appreciate the tutorials you have made for this CAL. Your instructions are very clear and you have saved me countless hours of removing stitches by showing me how to do this correctly the first time. As a result this is turning out to be one of the prettiest projects I have made to date and the most fun too! Thanks a million. 🙂


  3. Thank you so much for this video! For some reason I keep getting it wrong from just the pattern. I’m left handed and that makes it alot harder for me. Without you I’d have given up by now 😀

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  4. I have a question regarding round 20. the written instructions call for *Fpdtr around the fptr from Round 18 (Photo 1). Skip the next st of Round 19 and dc in the next 10 st’s (Photo 2). Fpdtr around the fptr from Round 18 (Photo 3).” yet you show a fptr…can you tell me which one is correct please? You have done an excellent job on the videos, I like that you point out the stitches. This has been tremendous help for me. I’m just confused with the difference between the written and what you have videotaped.


  5. Hi, I have decided to attempt Sophie’s Universe again after waiting a year. Thank you for the wonderful tutorials. You have made what I thought impossible to be possible as I am left handed which can make things tricky sometimes.


  6. Did anybody every ask you about round 20? Your tutorial shows you doing a front post treble crochet but the pattern calls for a front post double treble crochet. Just wondering if there is a difference? The pattern does mention both the Fpdtr as well as the Fptr??

    Please advise.

    I’m talking about Sophie’s


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