Dress guard for on my bike

Maybe you don’t know this, but here in The Netherlands we are bike-crazy; we cycle everywhere. To work, to school, to town, to do grocery shopping, everything. On an average day I cycle about 10km just by bringing the kids to school, then off to work and back home again at the end of the day. So it won’t surprise you that my bike is an important part of my personality and of course just had to be pimped when I saw the most lovely dress guard in the Haak me Gek Facebook group. In English “Crochet me Crazy” 🙂 My first through was: ‘I want one too!’. I took action and scoured the internet looking for a pattern and finally I found one on Berthi’s Weblog based on the original pattern from the Museum Boerderij Staphorst.

The pattern on Berthi’s Weblog doesn’t fit on my bike because the pattern is symmetric and my dress guard isn’t. So I looked at my hubby with my big blue eyes and he made me a cardboard mold which was exact to size and shape of my dress guard, even including the hole for the lock. I used this mold to create my dress guard by continuously fitting and measuring it on the mold until it was just right. Off course you need to make a pair, but that’s no problem; just flip the mold! 😀

I used a 3mm crochet hook and a variety of cotton yarn. I purposely used a lot of different colors because I wanted it to be nice and bright, but also perfect for finishing up left overs. I have adapted the original pattern to such a degree that I can’t reconstruct it; I was continuously increasing and decreasing the number of stitches on each row to get the right arc. If you want to make something like this yourself, make a mold for your own bike and take it from there. A warning from my side, it is a LOT of work to actually get the thing on your bike. It took me 3 hours! But just look at the awesome result!!

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12 thoughts on “Dress guard for on my bike”

  1. Greetings! I feel so blessed to have found your You Tube videos… I felt for certain It was going to be a no go from here on out for me and My Sophie until I read today that you’ve been creating videos!!!! Yippee!!!! I was struck on Part 5 row 43….. No clue what or why I was having so much trouble understanding but I knew I was going to need someone to ‘show me’ what was next or my Sophie was doomed to grow beyond this point!!!! I bookmarked all of your videos for Sophie to have for future reference as well as frogging back to the beginning of part 5…. I felt there were some spots that I was not as pleased with as others so a fresh start was in order!!! You are my crochet angel! THANX BIG TIME!!!! Now I know I will be able to finish this CAL!!!!

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  2. I love your bicycle skirt guard. As you, I had searched the web for a pattern and the only one I could find was at Berthi’s Weblog too. I have a huge favor to ask you, do you think you could contact her and see if she would allow you to translate her pattern into english? I, and I am sure many others, would truly be grateful.
    Thank you so much,


    1. Sure, no problem. I will ask for permission and translate it for you. But please be patient on the timing. I have many projects running at the moment and I need to finish a few of them before I will be able to do the translation.


  3. This is totally amazing. I have just purchased a tricycle for adults and cannot wait to add a personal fiber touch to my Art bike!

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