Sophie’s Universe part 7

Hey everyone,

I’m still going strong and the video for Sophie’s Universe part 7 is now online. As usual, I have made this video with permission of Dedri Uys, the designer of Sophie’s Universe. I can like so not handle it when people just take other people’s designs and don’t give credit where credit is due, even if it is a free pattern.

I’m still using Scheepjeswol Cotton 8 yarn. Here the colors I used

  • Round 54 – 651
  • Round 55 – 651
  • Round 56 – 663
  • Round 57 – 663
  • Round 58 – 669
  • Round 59 – 720
  • Round 60 – 529
  • Round 61 – 726

I have taken a moment to make some photos of my lovely Sophie. She’s like all confused with my total random color choices, but this makes her just as nutty as me 😀 For your delight, some closeups.

I hope your Sophie is just as lovely as mine 😀

See you next time!


4 thoughts on “Sophie’s Universe part 7

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  2. I’m beginning to feel like I know you. I have done Mandala Madness, Demelza, Hyggee 2017 and I’m working on Sophies Universe and am about to start Nuts about squares. Thank you so much for your videos..

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