Ready for the new season!

Hey everyone,

Just look at what arrived last week! My seed order for this season. SO happy!! Can’t wait to get started. Unpacked it immediately. Of course I know what’s inside (at least I think I still know what I ordered a few months ago, but still it’s always so exciting)

Especially the potatoes and rhubarb have to be out of the box like ASAP. The potatoes get a nice sunny spot next to the kitchen door to sprout. The rhubarb I planted in a temporary pot because it’s a living plant and will die if it has to wait till I plant it in my vegi garden in a few weeks time.

Also the leeks that I sowed in the beginning of January are growing strong. Leeks are very slow growers and need time to get to a proper size to plant them. By end of April they should be thin pencils and ready to be planted in my garden.

Can’t wait for the summer to start. 🙂


4 thoughts on “Ready for the new season!”

  1. How is your rhubarb? I am uncertain of the variety I grow but it makes the most delicious jam. We erected a 15 X 5 Mtrs poly tunnel as we have bad frosts in Tasmania and have had an abundance of vegetables this past summer season. I am looking forward to a winter vegetable crop that will enable me NEVER to purchase veg again. We do have problems storing our potatoes though. They are in a cold, dark and aerated area but still sprout and and go soft. Any ideas?


    1. You can try Some of those anti-sprouting pouwders available. It really helps a lot. You dust it over your potatoes before storing. Keep in mind that your potatoes peels will not be usable for compost if you use anti-sprout because it will kill all the good yerms in your compost.


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