Sophie’s Garden cushion ‘Ebony & Ivory’

I would like to show you my version of Sophie’s Garden in black and white. I made it into a cushion and I have named it ‘Ebony & Ivory’ using Scheepjes Stonewashed Black Onyx and Crystal Quartz and a 3mm hook. For the back side I crochet rounds of double crochets alternately in black and quarts. The final cushion is 40cm square. This cushion can now sit comfortably on my lounge set in my own garden.


My Sophie’s Garden

I have used two colors of Scheepjes Stone Washed yarn to make this version of Sophie’s Garden. I did not keep track of yarn amounts, sorry, but it was a few balls of each. I used Crystal Quartz and Black Onyx.

The back is just a simple granny square in double crochet stitches. Here my square turns; this turn is a bit tricky to prevent. I wrote a post about this turn which you can read HERE.

One last photo, just because it’s so beautiful! A garden in my garden…

Hope this inspires you to make a cushion of your own.

With love,


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9 thoughts on “Sophie’s Garden cushion ‘Ebony & Ivory’”

  1. Your cushion looks wonderful!
    I’ve always loved that black & White vibe, and your cushion fills so many ‘yes’ parts for me that I’m going to have to give it a go – at least, as soon as I’ve got a few of my WIP’s out the way! 🙂


  2. Love ur sophies cushion. just want to ask how how did do the back was it separate or did you continue from another side of sophie to make the back. Am thinking of making a sophies cushion to but not to sure of how to do the back pattern not very confident or good as you x love your posts


    1. Thank you 🙂

      I made the back seperately starting in the center with a granny square with 3 dc on each side then increasing in each row by adding [2dc, ch2, 2dc] in each corner. Just went on like this untill it was the same size as sophie. At the end of the day the granny had 5 mkre stitches than sophie so I fudges these when connecting the two parts together.


  3. My mother just asked me a couple of days ago if I would crochet her a Sophies’ Garden pillow in celery green and cream. Looking at so many beautiful examples of this pattern in multi colour, I was feeling a bit over whelmed in how to narrow it down to just two. But now seeing your beautiful ‘Ebony and Ivory’ version, I can barely wait to get started. Thank you.


  4. Hi, thanks for showing this pattern and it certainly inspires me to make one (or two) of my own.. can you still remember how many stone washed skeins you used for 1 cushion?


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