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Sophie’s Universe part 17

Hey everyone!

And here it is, the video for part 17, specially for you! 😀 All the other videos making up Sophie’s Universe you can find on the dedicated video page on my blog.

I am making these last rounds on a yellow background, pure accidentally because I still have quite some yellow yarn left in my stash, but actually I like the happy attitude this gives my Sophie.

Sophie's Universe part 17

Also my real garden is starting to look like summer again. I just love this time of year when my life starts to move from inside to outside. I love walking in my garden and seeing which plants have survived the winter, where something is growing that is not quite supposed to (and then do something about it of course 🙂 ), and just look at all the birds that come and go.


Sierappel in bloei

See you again soon!



5 thoughts on “Sophie’s Universe part 17”

  1. Hi Esther I have recently started Sophie’s universe, your video’s are excellent, I have learnt so much. I noticed you are doing the T & J Cal, is there an english version out there, it is so beautiful. xx


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