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Sophie’s Universe part 18

Hi everyone,

We are almost done with our lovely Sophie! This week the video for part 18. As usual, you can find all the videos on my dedicated video page.

This is the last official part of Sophie’s Universe. There will be optional extra’s over the next three weeks and Dedri and I are contemplating what to make videos for. Will keep you posted 😀

Sophie's Universe part 18

I have been taking time to block my Sophie as I have not done so since part 6, and it showed. She was wobbling all over the place and had a big bobble in the middle. As luck would have it my boys were out for a sleepover at grandma and grandpa this week which means I could use their beds to block my Sophie. Now isn’t that just great! 😀 I know, I am a terrible mother, my boys are away and I immediately confiscate their beds 😉

Sophie's Universe part 18 being blocked on a bed

As you can see, she is much more straight now than last week! And the bobble is gone now, which is great. I’m not completely done blocking her yet but I have made significant improvement. When I am done I will post a series of photographs for you.

Have a wonderful mother’s day.



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