T&J Dutch CAL 2015 week 21

Hey everyone,

Just thought I’d show you my blanket from the Dutch CAL 2015 designed by Tertia and Jolanda. The design can be found for free on their Facebook group were we are already on to week 21 of our VERY BIG granny square. My blanket now has a size of 90cm square and we are only half way. I am making this blanket using Stylecraft Special DK and a 4mm hook using lovely purple and pink yarn.

At this moment it is only available in Dutch, but most of the weekly designs come with charts and to make matters even better the ladies announced that they are working on an English translation. So fear not all you lovely people, you will also be able to make this wonderful project soon. Here some pictures for your enjoyment.

Dutch CAL 2015 Tertia Jolanda

Dutch CAL 2015 Tertia Jolanda

Dutch CAL 2015 Tertia Jolanda

Dutch CAL 2015 Tertia Jolanda

Have a wonderful week!



17 thoughts on “T&J Dutch CAL 2015 week 21”

  1. OH, this is so so pretty. I wish that those ladies will go ahead and ask you to make videos for every part. I was doing my Sophie’s universe reading the instructions until someone suggested to watch your videos. Since then, that is all I use. Thank you so much for making them. I know that they take a lot of your personal time. By the way, I love your color combo for this cal.


  2. Where can I find the link? I don’t mind having to translate or work from a graph. I would just love to get started on translating so I can start after Sophie. I belong to the Facebook page but I haven’t found the link. Just pictures of the new section. Please help! BTW good job on the Sophie videos.


  3. Hi!
    Your blanket is coming along beautifully!! I would love to participate in this CAL, but think the translating would make it too difficult to follow. Do you know if T or J have released the patterns in English yet?
    Thank you!


  4. Hoi Esther, ik heb even een vraagje. Ik heb met ontzettend veel plezier je video’s gevolgd en ik zag dat jij ook stekenmarkeerders gebruikt. Ipv de draadjes of kleine speldjes. Mag ik vragen waar jij ze haalt? Ik gebruik ze ook maar bij mij breken ze bijna allemaal. Misschien heb jij een goede ervaring met een bepaald merk ofzo? Bedankt alvast en nogmaals bedankt voor de fijne duidelijke video’s.
    Groetjes Burney


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