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Organize your yarn

Tell me the truth, does this look familiar to you?

If you are even just a little like me, you most probably have a bag or a box somewhere in which you have lots and lots of labels with pieces of yarn attached to them. This way you know that in theory you have all your yarn samples, but somehow you never seem to find what you are looking for or never even bother to check because its too tangled up in the first place.

But no worries, help is at hand. Dedri Uys from Look at what I made has a great idea on how to organize your yarn, and better steal a great idea than make up a bad one yourself. So, I copied this great idea. 🙂

I printed the download like at least 20 times (somehow you always seem to have more yarn than you realize) and had them laminated with the labels. Luckily my sister has one of those machines. And tha-daa! All ready to go.

I absolutely LOVE cats (and squirrels), so I just had to punch the holes with a cat stamp of course 🙂

The result is amazing. I have crochet the yarn pieces into a row of single crochets. This way it just much more clear what the exact color is. If you are a little OCD you might block these to get them nice and straight. I’m okay with them curling about a bit, too much work really.

And because I’m a very practical person, I just taped the end to the back of the laminated page. Saves me the trouble of having to work them all in.

All in a folder and I am all “yarn-organized”! Isn’t this like just the greatest thing.

Have a wonderful week.

With love,


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