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Flight of Fancy week 2

week 2 scheepjes crochet a long CAL flight of fancy 2015Hey everyone,

Twins! For week 2 the motif for the Scheepjes CAL Flight of Fancy is the same as for week 1 but different colors which means we now have a set of non-identical twins 🙂 Don’t they look nice together? Love the colors in my Peacock kit!

A tip from me: make yourself some envelops with the week numbers on them. At a certain point you are going to have a lot of flowers, all in different designs and color combinations. You will make life easier for yourself if you have clearly marked which is which. Then you don’t have to go and look back at all the patterns when we put the wrap together to try and figure out which flower is from which week.

scheepjes CAL 2015 flight of fancy motifs for week 1 and 2

Even though it is the same motif as for week 1, Scheepjeswol, the designer Annelies Baes and I still thought it would be a good idea to make a video for week 2 also. You can also find the videos for the English (UK Terminology) and Dutch on the dedicated page of my blog. You can find the original design in the Facebook group of this CAL.

If you would still like to participate in this CAL you can order any one of the three color kits PeacockHummingbird, or Heron from Deramores. If you live in The Netherlands like I do, you can order your kit at from whole list of suppliers. If the price of the Linen Soft kits is too high for you, Deramores now also has these kits available in Cotton 8 at a much lower price. You can find the Cotton 8 Peacock and Heron kits plus new color combinations Kingfisher and Bee Eater online now.scheepjes CAL flight of fancy week 2 and 3

See you next week for part 3!


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