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Yarn, base & Dutch translation for Around the Bases CAL

I know that many of you like to know which yarn colors and combinations I am going to use for Around the Bases designed by ChiChi from Keito Palette starting August 9th.


I am using Linen Soft by Scheepjes to make my blanket. This is a new yarn introduced by Scheepjes with the Flight of Fancy CAL. I received a considerable amount of Linen Soft from Scheepjes as a thank you for making the videos for the CAL. I really like the feeling of this yarn, but if you don’t like it or you want to work with your favorite yarn, please do!

Here a list of the colors I am going to use in Around the Bases. I have not yet used all of the colors on this list as I am still working on the videos, so don’t hold it against me if I decide not to use a specific color after all. I can’t find the color names, so I made up some names myself so that you have an idea what the color pallet is.

  • 630 – white
  • 613 – ecru
  • 616 – creme

The colors 630, 613, and 616 are interchangeable. I use all three simply because I happen to have all three. If you prefer to buy just one of the three, then I suggest buying the white yarn. I use these three colors to give my blanket a restful undertone, otherwise it will be too much of a color circus. You will need at least 6 skeins of undertone yarn, but again don’t pin me down on this because I have not completed my ATB yet. Also, it depends on the size of your base how much yarn you are going to need.

I also use (or plan to use 🙂 ) the following colors. I estimate that I will use one or two skeins of each, but if you have a larger center base than I have you inevitably will need more yarn. Some of the Linen Soft shades are very close together (I know because I have all of them), so you can also use the alternative shade if you prefer.

  • 628 – pastel pink
  • 626 – pink
  • 604 – red
  • 602 – purple
  • 625 – lila (or 612 which is very close)
  • 622 – mint green
  • 627 – bright green
  • 623 – sea green
  • 601 – chocolate
  • 607 – blue-green (or 608 which is very close)
  • 606 – green (or 605 which is reasonably close)
  • 614 – light blue
  • 629 – pastel blue
  • 611 – dark blue
  • 603 – burgundy red-purple

This project is not going to be a mystery, ChiChi has released a first impression of the final blanket. I have not completed my blanket yet, so I cannot show you what using the above colors looks like. What I can show you is what it looks like up to week 6. This at least gives you an idea of where I am going with my color choices. The general theme of my blanket is fresh, spring colors with a few darker shadows. Just like delicate spring flowers growing under a big tree.

Center base

About my center base. I use a square from the Scheepjes CAL 2014 designed by the lovely, but very sadly late, Wink from A Creative Being. More specifically, I use the square from week 8. You can find a video tutorial for this square along with the others from the Scheepjes CAL 2014 on this dedicated video page.

Just one note on using this square. The stitch count of the original square is not correct for Around the Bases. The original square has a stitch count of 39 stitches per side. You need a stitch count of multiples of 6 – 2 for ATB. The closest to this is a stitch count of 40 stitches. To get the 40 stitches I have replaced the original corner in round 9 which is [2dc, ch2, 2dc] with [3dc, ch2, 2dc]. This way you add 1 stitch to the last row. ChiChi gives detailed instructions for preparing your base square here.

I use the following Linen Soft colors for each row of my base square.

  • round 1 – 622 – mint green
  • round 2 – 622 – mint green
  • round 3 – 622 – mint green
  • round 4 – 627 – bright green
  • round 5 – 627 – bright green
  • round 6 – 630 – white
  • round 7 – 630 – white
  • round 8 – 626 – pink
  • round 9 – 604 – red

I will have a document with all my color choices for each round at the end of the CAL.

Dutch translation / Nederlandse vertaling

I have received permission from ChiChi to translate Around the Bases CAL for you into Dutch. You can find the Dutch translation here. Please note that this is only a written translation, I will not be making the videos in Dutch.

Ik heb toestemming gekregen van ChiChi om deze CAL voor jullie naar het Nederlands te vertalen. Alle informatie om je basisvierkant voor te bereiden zal in het Nederlands beschikbaar zijn en natuurlijk zal deel 1 ook beschikbaar zijn bij start van de CAL. Alle info en patronen kun je hier op mijn blog vinden. Even één puntje, ik ga alleen een geschreven patroon in het Nederlands maken, ik ga geen Nederlandse video’s maken. De video’s zijn dus alleen in het Engels beschikbaar. Ik weet echter uit ervaring dat een Nederlands patroon met (weliswaar) een Engelstalige video voor de meeste van jullie meer dan genoeg is.

See you August 9th for the first part!

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