Summer crochet fun

It’s summer holiday and we are almost leaving for our holiday destination, a fabulous farm that goes by the name of ‘Koe in de Kost‘. The farmer, ‘Boer Frans’, is so good with kids, my boys love him to bits. This is our fifth visit in five consecutive years, my boys love it there and if my boys are happy, I am happy.

Koe in de kost

But there is one thing that makes me even more happy, taking my crochet things with me. But what to take? You see, since finishing Sophie’s Universe I have bought myself a few skeins of this and a few skeins of that and now I can’t choose! I think I am going just going to take all of them 😀

Knit (or crochet) like a Latvian

When I was in Riga during my sabbatical I bought this yarn kit in a lovely little store. It is for knitting real Latvian mittens, but I am going to adapt the pattern to make a scarf. I think I am going to use back post double crochet stitches, that gives a knit-like result. But then again, that is an awful lot of work… The jury is still out on the stitches.

knit like a latvian

Peek-a-Boo button wrap

A second project that I am definitely taking with me is the peek-a-boo button wrap by MissNerris. I totally fell in love with the design the moment I saw it. I have bought 15 skeins of chocolate colored Scheepjes Bloom. This is a light weight, 100% cotton yarn.

scheepjes bloom chocolate

I have started with it already and now that I have the hang of the pattern I will make an instruction video for this wrap. I have permission from the designer, so that’s cool. But no worries, I will be using a different yarn to make the video because I know that dark colored yarns don’t do well on screen. And after all, the whole point of the video is that you can see what I am doing 😛 Just look at the great texture the stitch pattern gives!

start peek-a-boo button wrap

Mini Sophie’s Universe

I have seen so many lovely Sophie’s worked in only one color that I wanted to make one too. I have bought myself a roll of 420 meters of mercerized Durable cotton, yarn size 10. Most likely not nearly enough for a Sophie.  Off course I forgot to do the math on how much I would need when I bought it. Durable cotton is an ‘old fashioned’ yarn that our grandmothers used to use to make lacy crochet curtains. This reasonably thin yarn is worked with a 2mm hook, I always use Clover Amour hooks and especially when working with such thin yarn it is important to have a hook that you enjoy working with. I have never worked with this kind of yarn before so I am really looking forward to trying it. And obviously my Sophie will be small because of the yarn and hook I will be using. With a bit of luck it will end up being a perfect size for a luxurious cushion. I have not done any calculations on what size it’s most likely to be, so we’ll wait and see!

durable cotton

Flight of Fancy & Circles of the Sun

I just showed you three new projects, but I still have 4 running projects too! I am working on Flight of Fancy, Circles of the Sun, the Dutch CAL AND Around the Bases. Oh, oh, I am having quite a luxury problem over here. Too many things to do, and I love all of them! Will keep you posted 🙂

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