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Flight of fancy week 9 & 10 – connecting your wrap

At my house the sun is shining and the birds are singing in the trees. Perfect weather for assembling our Flight of Fancy wrap. It’s finally time to connect all those lovely flowers that you have been making. For assembling the wrap we have an extra week in the CAL , two in stead of the one up till now. Trust me, you are going to need it. It is a massive job connecting all those flowers!

connecting flowers flight of fancy week 9

I have videos available in English and Dutch to help you to assemble your wrap. You can also find all the videos for the Flight of Fancy CAL on my dedicated pages [English / Dutch].

A few tips from me to make connecting the flowers a bit easier. I connected all the flowers of one row to the row above with stitch markers. This way I could change the order here and there (I did not completely stick to the suggested layout in the pattern) and then I could not accidentally change the order after I made up my mind. Also, this way I always had the flowers at hand and did not have to go looking for them somewhere at the bottom of my CAL bag 😉

connect all the flowers in one row at once

A second tip I have for you is to mark the positions where you are going to connect the flower to the previous rounds. Trust me, it is really easy to take the wrong loop while you are working with the wrap on your lap. By marking the positions you can prevent mistakes. I know it sounds like a big hassle to reconnect the stitch markers for each flower, but it will save you time in the long run. I also show in the video how I use the stitch markers.

stitches marked for next flower

Your bag is now almost empty. Annelies Baes has made a design for covering your bag. The Scheepjes Catona yarn you need to cover the bag is now available as a kit. If you don’t have one of the jute bags that came with the kit because you used a different yarn, you can (very soon) buy these bags on their own. Seriously, I love my bag. It goes with me everywhere I go. It’s small enough to be easy to take along but big enough to carry everything I need for at least one WIP, but usually two 🙂

See you in two weeks for the last part of our wrap and some lovely photos.

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