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Around the Bases CAL week 1

And we are off! Finally we have started with week 1 of Around the Bases CAL. You can find the original English design on Keito Palette. I also have a Dutch translation for you, just in case it’s easier for you. If you need any extra help, here is a video tutorial. All tutorials for Around the Bases will stay up indefinitely.




Please note that there is a tiny difference between the video and the pattern in the corner of round 4. This is because on review the pattern was changed slightly and I had already made the video. The stitches are all still the same, just written differently. In the video I make (sc, ch1, sc) in the corner and then a sc in the first stitch. In the pattern this was later changed to (sc, ch1, 2sc) in the corner. You are still making 3 stitches in total, so all is well 🙂

I am using Scheepjes Linen Soft yarn in the following colors

  • round 1 – 628 pastel pink
  • round 2 – 628 pastel pink
  • round 3 – 630 white
  • round 4 – 630 white

Just look at the lovely result! I love the Linen Soft yarn. It has a rugged feel to it, tough on the outside but sweet on the inside.

Did you hit a home run this week or were you touching bases over the week? Be sure to share your results in the Facebook group CAL – Crochet A Long and/or Ravelry group Around the Bases. We would all love to see. Next time, part 2!

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8 thoughts on “Around the Bases CAL week 1”

  1. Thank you so much Esther for yet another CAL Tutorial video. You made Sophies Universe seem less daunting for so many people with your videos, which I needed in some weeks, and I find it easier to crochet along with your videos on YouTube as I am still learning the American Terminology so watching you create the stitches definately helps me a lot. You seem to be making video tutorials for a lot of CALs and it must take up a lot of your time and you must have a wonderful collection of items to show for it. I just wanted to say that your tutorials are appreciated.


  2. Thank you so much for doing this cal Esther. I am so hooked on your videos that I don’t want to crochet any other way. you are the best.
    Have a great day.

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