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Announcement: I Want That Bag CAL

Have you ever wanted to make a fabulous crochet bag? Then this is your opportunity! Kimberly Slifer from Just a girl and a hook has designed a bag and we are going to be making it as part of a crochet along starting October 1, 2015. The CAL is called ‘I Want That Bag‘ and yes, I will be making video tutorials for it. This way everyone, experience or less experienced, will be able to make it. All the videos will be available right here on my blog.

What does the bag look like?

I am still working on the videos so I have not completed my bag yet, but here is Kimberley’s bag. Looks nice, doesn’t it!

What yarn do I need and how much?

You will need about 400 grams of worsted weight yarn. I am using Scheepjes Bloom but any worsted weight yarn will do. Be sure to choose a good quality yarn because your bag is going to be used and you want a yarn that can withstand intensive usage. Also check that your yarn is suitable for a 5mm crochet hook to be sure that your cover fits your jute bag..

I use 5 colors of Scheepjes Bloom and a Clover Amour 5mm (US H) crochet hook, my favorite hook. For my yarn I have 2 skeins each in the colors Azalea (426), Lavender (402), Violet (403), Tulip (406), Geranium (408) and Dark Fern (411), but I will not be using all 12 skeins. At the end I will most likely only need 7 or 8, but because I have not completed my bag yet I have no idea on yarn usage for the color distribution I have in mind.

And what about the bag?

You will need a 30cm x 30cm (12′ x 12′) jute bag to form the base of your bag. We are going to crochet a cover for it and then you glue the entire thing together after lining our bag with a fabric you love.

Need any help?

If you get stuck somewhere, help is at hand. This CAL is hosted by Carolyn Robinson on the CCC Facebook Group and there are thousands of lovely people in the group who are standing by to help. Join the group if you are not a member, it is a great place to share ideas and get feedback. Be sure to share your WIP with the CCC Group because we would all love to see.

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5 thoughts on “Announcement: I Want That Bag CAL”

  1. oh love it and with you doing the video’s. Just a question is the AH bag the right size? Else I have to order, will be my gift for getting my decree so double excited thanks in reply


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