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A visit to Scheepjes HQ

Last week I got the fabulous experience of visiting Scheepjes HQ in the north of The Netherlands. For me a return trip of almost 500km, but well worth the effort. It was a wonderful day and I would love to share this fabulous place with you.

The first thing you see when walking up to the building are…. cows. Yes, cows. Many cows and all of them in different colors and doing different things. Most of them are just standing about going about their business being statues, but some of them have the very important task of being a place of rest. I just loved these benches! So Dutch 😀

Once inside I got a personal tour of the treasure chambers the modest looking building conceals. Really, there are no words to describe this place to you. There are rows and rows and rows and then even more rows of the most amazing things you could ever imagine. There are zippers, buttons, bag handles, fabric, lace, yarn, LOTS of yarn, books, hooks, needles. Oh, I am going to stop trying to make a list. Just look at the pictures to get a feel for this wonderful place. You really do feel like a little girl in a candy store!

My favorite things were the ribbons, I have never seen so many ribbons in one place before in my life. So many different designs, different materials from cotton to velvet, embroidered detail and bright colors. I don’t think it is humanly possible to use each and every ribbon even if you made a new design every day of your life.

Among the thousands of buttons I stumbled onto something unexpected, buttons made with real flowers. I have never seen this in a store. I immediately have a vision of a beautiful summer crochet bag with a closing made with daisy flower buttons…

But there is one more surprise this day had in store for me. I was asked to join the Scheepjes Bloggers group. So as of today I am a proud member of the bloggers group along with some fabulous people like Dedri Uys from Look at what I made, Tatiana Kupryjanchyk from LillaBjorn Crochet and Nerissa from Miss Nerriss.

I went home with a beautiful goody bag containing some new yarns to experiment with. I will be writing about some of these yarns the coming months. All in all it was a wonderful day and goes on my list of blessing to count every day.

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9 thoughts on “A visit to Scheepjes HQ”

  1. I love all things Scheepjes…the yarn is to die for! I did the Flight of Fancy CAL using the Linen Soft and it was wonderful. Thank-you Scheepjes for coming into my life…even if I am in the USA.


  2. Congratulations! This is well deserved, your blog and tutorials are the best! You have given me the confidence to tackle projects I never thought I would be able to do! Please pass the word to Scheepjes
    They need to export their beautiful yarns to Canada! The ribbon are amaxing! Thank you for sharing your talents with us!

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  3. que maravilloso lugar y gracias por hacer el recorrido con nosotros. Yo soy la que hago los trabajos viendo solo los videos porque no entiendo mucho el ingles. Saludos desde Chile


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