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I want that bag CAL week 1

We have started the first week of the ‘I want that bag!’ CAL designed by Kimberly Slifer. This week we are making the base of the bag and to help you to get started I have the first part of the CAL for you as a video tutorial. I am having trouble pronouncing Kimberly’s last name correctly. I’ve been told that my pronunciation in this week’s video is incorrect. Hope to have it correct for part 3 later on!


Video tutorial

Just a note on the video. In the first part of the video, I make a ‘row 0’. This is an extra row compared to the tutorial Kimberly made. This difference originates from a small error in the first version of the design that I used to make the video. So don’t get stressed. Just make 18 rows for your base and you’ll be fine.

You can use any color combination you like. I use only one color for my base, but Kimberly has made stripes. You can find her color combinations on her blog. Kimberly also has lots of tips for adapting your base in size if the original pattern does not fit. For example, Kimberly crochets very tightly, so possibly you will need less than 18 rows to get the correct depth for your bag compared to Kimberly.

I am still using fabulous Scheepjes Bloom yarn with a 5mm crochet hook. This week I only use Azalea (426) for the base and round 1. Azalea is the color on the left.

Any pictures I would show you of just the base would be very boring, so instead I will also give you a peak of my color choices for next week. This is the inside of the bag, so can’t see much just yet 😀

Next week we will start with the more exciting stuff. See you then!

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