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Around the Bases CAL week 9

It is week 9 of the Around the Bases CAL and this week it also just happens to be Animal Day in The Netherlands. An extra treat for my cat Jack is a must today. But on the other hand, he has some serious weight issues, so maybe not 😀

Something a less serious than Jack’s weight issues but important none the less, is this weeks part of ATB. Last week it was easy sailing with a relaxing mesh, this week is a lot more work; we are making Asian Fans. Another one of my favorite stitches, just below the star stitch because that is may all time favorite stitch, but I like one too.


Video Part 9

To help you to become a fan of the Asian fan stitch I have, as always, a video tutorial for you.


I have used soft spring colors for this weeks motif. The fans are delicate stitches so I chose to use delicate colors in pink shades. I did not have to work round 37 because I am on the other team this week, but if I did have to work it I would have used pastel pink. Here my colors for this week are

  • Round 37 – 628 pastel pink (optional)
  • Round 38 – 628 pastel pink
  • Round 39 – 626 pink
  • Round 40 – 626 pink
  • Round 41 – 604 red
  • Round 42 – 604 red

and then the result is….

Next week in part 10 we are making a classic stitch, a version of the granny stitch. See you then. Oh, and please share your blanket(s) in the Facebook group CAL – Crochet A Long and/or Ravelry group Around the Bases.

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7 thoughts on “Around the Bases CAL week 9”

  1. Loving the CAL and look forward each week to your posts and videos. Just a comment this week that none of the photos are visible after the section where you post the colors you’ve used.. Though the very last photo shows up… Very pretty by the way!!!!


  2. The last couple of weeks I can not get the pattern from my e-mail and can not figure out what I am doing wrong. Can you help me please


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