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I want that bag! CAL week 2

Week 2 of I want that bag! and this week the fun really starts, we are going to start making the edges of our bag. We have an interesting pattern this week where we are making long loops that we weave together.


Video Tutorial Part 2

I have noticed that my weave pattern tends to curl a bit inward. As the bag becomes larger this becomes less but is still present. I expect that at the end you will have to stretch and block your bag a bit into shape. To help you make this bag I have a video tutorial of week 2 for you.

My bag

I am using Scheepjes Bloom Scheepjes Bloom in the colors Azalea (426), French Lavender (402), Violet (403), Tulip (406), Geranium (408) and Dark Fern (411) with a Clover Amour 5mm (US H) crochet hook, my favorite hook. For part 2 I have used the following color distribution

  • round 2 – Dark Fern (411)
  • round 3 – French Lavender (402)
  • round 4 – Geranium (408)
  • round 5 – Geranium (408)
  • round 6 – Geranium (408)
  • round 7 – Violet (403)
  • round 8 – Violet (403)
  • round 9 – Violet (403)
  • round 10 – Geranium (408)
  • round 11 – Geranium (408)
  • round 12 – Geranium (408)
  • round 13 – French Lavender (402)
  • round 14 – French Lavender (402)

Last week I kept the sides of the bag a bit hidden, now time to reveal….

And, did you manage to make part 2? Share your beautiful results with the Facebook group Official CCC social group which is hosting this CAL. See you next week for part 3.

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