Posts from me in Dutch & issues with images on my blog

Hi everyone!

I am writing you to address two issues that I have received feedback on from some of you lovely people.

Posts in Dutch

I have received feedback from a number of you that you receive emails from me in Dutch and that you do not appreciate this because you don’t speak Dutch. First of all, I understand that these emails are not relevant to you! Give me a moment to explain.
When you subscribe to my blog by e-mail you will receive an email about each and every post that I publish on my blog, also this post that I am writing to you now you will have received in your mailbox. I have absolutely no control on who gets what in their mailbox. If you subscribe to my blog, you subscribe to everything.

I am translating two projects to Dutch at the moment, the Around the Bases CAL and the I want that bag! CAL. Hence, when I post the Dutch translation, everyone that has subscribed to my blog gets an email with the Dutch translation. And to make a long story short, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do about it.

The best solution I have for you is that if it really bothers and frustrates you, you unsubscribe from my blog. If you would still like to be kept up to date about what happens on my blog, you could follow me on Facebook where I post links to new posts. Then you could only click on things that you consider interesting. If it doesn’t bother you so much, just hit the delete button when you get a post in Dutch in your mailbox.

Please accept my utmost and sincerest apologies if I have upset you in any way!


Images on my blog

Another issue I am having is regarding the images on my blog. Lately they are disappearing on me. This is a technical issue that I am working on, but have not found a solution to as yet. What happens is when I prepare a post, the images included in that post are all fine and loaded in, but the moment I hit publish some of the links (and mysteriously enough not all) are lost and I get blank images in my post. I then have to go back and relink all the images, sometimes up to 10 times before the link is fixed. As you can imagine I am really unhappy about this and I am currently investigating moving my blog to a new provider in an effort to fix this problem. Please bear with me while I try to fix this technical nightmare.



I want to thank you for all your kind support for my work and taking the time to read my blog.

With love,


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12 thoughts on “Posts from me in Dutch & issues with images on my blog”

  1. I truly appreciate your answer and I want to tell you that with this explanation I opt to keep receiving your emails. I love your creativity and the things you make and teach. I also love your videos. I learn so much from you!!

    Thank you for this email. And if you can tell me what blog provider NOT to use, and which one is better, I’ll appreciate it. I’m thinking on creating one, and I could use your experience. Best and thank you for caring. I apologize if I was rude. I just hate it when I open my email and I find 1000 new emails from the blogs I participate in and other websites. I even loose my family emails because of it. So to find an email in another language I never requested is cumbersome. Just that. I hope you understand and forgive me. Best


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  2. Thank you for all the hard work you do for us all and no it does not bother me if I get you in Dutch or English I am just grateful that you do all this for us please accept sorries. From all of us that appreciate what you do where would us addicts be without all you beautiful people .many thanks and lots of love to you x x

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  3. Wow are people really so petty? They should feel honoured and can try to learn a new language or simply hit the delete button on the Dutch email. Thank you for your newsletters and all the trouble you take to translate everything in English. Ek waardeer dit opreg (a bit of Afrikaans)I truely appreciate it. I love your tutorials and have signed a gew friends up including beginner hookets to do the around the basis CAL as you explain everything clearly and tgey will be able to follow each and every step xx Be blessed!! Love Sharon

    Sent from my Samsung device


  4. Good Morning,

    I just delete the Dutch post, however, I do enjoy looking at the Dutch translation and looking for any simulates between English and Dutch. This has given me greater appreciation of multi speaking people.

    I am not getting all your images – miss your pictures! This is happening on another site too. I assumed this was my problem.

    Keep up your good work.

    Veronica Zito

    Sent from my iPad


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  5. deleting what is not of use takes a less than a second.. no reason to stress worry or complain as far as I am concerned… I am just so grateful for all that you do and offer us!!!! Looking forward to whatever may come next and feeling blessed to have your dedication inn allowing me to grow my skills and creativity!!! A heartfelt THANK YOU. ❤


  6. Thanks Esther. No problems with the Dutch, I’m using it as a bonus! I can learn new crochet ideas and a new language at the same time. I’m better at German so vielen danke!


  7. Zonder jouw posts en je instructie video’s, Nederlands én Engels, zou ik verloren rondlopen met mijn haaknaald. Heb bewondering voor je bevlogenheid, naast je reguliere werk en je gezinsleven. Als een post me niet boeit, het ik een delete functie op mijn laptop, die is er gratis bijgeleverd. 😉
    Ik blijf graag meegenieten van al je posts en hoop dat jij er veel plezier in blijft houden, afgezien van de technische frustratie


  8. Dear Esther, just wish to add my many thanks for all you do for everyone. You are so very generous with your time and expertise. No worries about extra emails, they don’t bother me I know where my delete key is 😉 I hope you manage to work out the problem with the photos… I too thought it was something on my devices. Good luck and thank you again xx

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  9. Thank you for all you do! I love your videos and your explanation of stitches, etc. You are fantastic…because of you I now have 3 WIPs.

    You are an inspiration!!!

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