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Around the Bases CAL week 10

This week it is time for part 10 of Around the Bases CAL and this week we have a nostalgic stitch, the granny stitch. A well known stitch, it was the very first stitch I learned when learning to crochet in a the round.


Video Part 10

The very first round of this week is the same as the first part of the asian fan we did last week, after that; granny stitches. Also for this week I have a video tutorial for you.


I was looking to use darker colors this week to resemble the more mature side of spring, going into summer. So this week I used green and brown as major colors. Here my colors for this week are

  • Round 43 – 630 white
  • Round 44 – 601 chocolate
  • Round 45 – 606 green

and then the result is….

Next week again a classic stitch, so see you then. please share your blanket(s) in the Facebook group CAL – Crochet A Long and/or Ravelry group Around the Bases.

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