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My blog’s first birthday giveaway

Exactly one year ago, on October 22nd, 2014, I wrote my first post on this blog. How time flies! To celebrate this beautiful milestone and the fact that October 22nd just so happens to be my birthday too, I have a small giveaway for you made possible by Scheepjes.


What can you win?

You can win 7 beautiful skeins of Scheepjes Color Crafter yarn in warm colors, perfect for a winter project. The seven colors in this giveaway are Tiel (1023), Kampen (1035), Veenendaal (1064), Venlo (1080), Tilburg (1083), Roermond (1123), and Zandvoort (1218). In addition to the yarn I will also include a 4mm Clover Amour crochet hook so you can start working with this brand new Scheepjes yarn immediately. I WILL ship this to any address on the planet, so don’t worry if you are not living in The Netherlands!

Want to see this yarn a bit more in real life, here my video for this give away.

Who can enter?

Everyone can enter my giveaway except members of the Scheepjes Bloggers group and employees of Scheepjes.

How do you enter?

To enter and stand a chance of winning these 7 skeins of Scheepjes Color Crafter yarn you have to leave a comment on my blog saying what you love about Scheepjes yarns. Please note, you must leave a comment on my blog and not on my You-Tube channel or Facebook page! You have three weeks to enter, that is till November 12th, 2015, 23.59 Dutch time.

When do I announce the winners?

From all the responses I will ask my best friend to choose a winner. After all, I have to stay impartial in this 😀 I will announce the winner on my blog on November 13th, 2015.

I am so looking forward to reading all your comments!


446 thoughts on “My blog’s first birthday giveaway”

  1. i have never tried this yarn due to lack of funds and no transportation but i would so LOVE to try it!! and these colors are just wonderful!!!!!!! 🙂 thanks for the chance to win and try something other than red heart super saver and caron simply soft! 🙂 i have heard many good things about this yarn so would really love to try it!! 🙂 thanks again


  2. Okay, I have to confess, I have never had a chance to work with Scheepjes yarn. Mind you have have seen plenty of fb crochet group posts and pics of the most gorgeous itmes being made with Scheepjes yarn, and I have drooled over each and everyone of them! Die to budgetary reasons and leaving in Canada (shipping woes) I have not been able to order and get my hand on any Scheepjes yarn. But I am super excited to learn that soon I will be able to order and have it shipped here!


  3. First of all, Happy Birthday Esther and thank you for the giveaway. I have not had the opportunity to use Scheepjeswol yarn. But I see the beautiful colors that are used for CALs and other projects and I hear nothing but great things about it. I would be so lucky to win the beautiful colors in this giveaway! Thank you again.


  4. I am fairly new to crocheting and didn’t know about Scheepjes Color Crafter yarn but after seeing your beautiful creations with it I will be sure to check it out. I love that you are sharing your birthday celebration with us!! Happy Birthday and congrats on 1 year anniversary to your blog.


  5. I haven’t had the pleasure of using this yarn but by the description it sounds delicious. The colors are beautiful I love working with soft yarn if it doesn’t feel good in my hands I’m not going to make anything and give I to anyone or sell it. My husband is always checking out my yarn and when he sees anyone else crocheting scratchy yarn he say I’m glad you don’t do that.


  6. If you value your work you must buy quality yarn and that is why I love to work with Sheepjes yarn. It is true luxury and some of the finest quality yarn I have ever seen!


  7. Hi Esther and congratulations on your blog’s first anniversary and happy belated birthday. I follow your Sophie videos as it’s the only way I could ever do such elaborate crocheting. I’m only up to Part 5. May I take this opportunity to thank you for such precise instructions without which I would be clueless.
    I would dearly love to say how much I love Scheepjes yarn but unfortunately I live in Australia. We have no access to such superior quality yarn and our poor dollar exchange makes it prohibitive to purchase.
    So fingers crossed I’m chosen but if not I’ll be very happy for whoever is.
    You’ll never know what a great influence you have been in my journey to learn how to crochet. Thank you 🙂


  8. I loved using Softfun for my first Sophie and am eager to try another Scheepjes yarn. It was easy to work with, slid on my hook smoothly and the colors are fabulous! Happy Birthday and congratulations!


  9. Nieuwe poging, gisteren denk ik iets niet helemaal goed gedaan.

    Wat ik fijn vind aan scheepjes, zijn de mooie kleuren en de vele keuzes in kleuren.

    Ik heb gekeken naar colour crafter, voor mijn volgende project namelijk een temp. Blanket, dus dit setje zou een mooie start zijn.

    Nog veel succes met je blog en bedankt voor alle hulp bij sophie


  10. Happy birthday Esther, and thank you for all your beautiful work that you share with us,i joined in with Sophie my first big crochet project and have enjoyed it so much ,done another ,lm doing two ATB at the moment following your instructions which are brilliant,i haven’t worked with Scheepjes yes as I live in Ireland and haven’t seen it I.would love to use it as the colours and texture looks brilliant,. Many thanks for all your help
    Ann from Ireland


  11. Je rêve de crocheter cette laine. Avec autant de superbes couleurs, on doit pouvoir faire de très belles choses. Merci pour ton blog et tes vidéos !


  12. I haven’t had the pleasure of working with this yarn, although I’ve heard wonderful things about it and have seen the pictures of the CALs! They’re beautiful and I would be thrilled to use these lovely colors. Thank you for the giveaway and Happy Birthday!


  13. Happy Birthday! What a lovely giveaway you’ve offered. The haven’t used this yarn yet but I just love how vibrant the colors appear on my screen. The yarn just looks so lush and soft. Even if I don’t win the giveaway, I definitely plan on buying some very soon.

    I also love the name brand Sheepjes. I love saying Sheepjes out loud because it reminds me of Wink when she made a video demonstrating how to pronounce it. This yarn will always and forever remind me of beautiful Wink. I wish the company would come out with a line of yarn in her name. Can’t you just picture it? Sheepjes Wink yarn! Anyway, this yarn is very special.


  14. Allereerst Esther gefeliciteerd met het 1 jarig bestaan van je Blog.
    Heb met Scheepjes al veel gehaakt o.a de Flight of Fancy CAL en met Stone Washed, Catona, Sunkissed,Softfun, Roma , enz. Allemaal heerlijke en mooie garens.
    Alleen de Color Crafter nog niet gebruikt. Wel zien liggen in de winkel en genoten van de vele mooie kleuren. Lekkere grote bollen en mooi acrylgaren. Mooi pakket om te winnen. Ik zou wel graag mee willen loten. Hoop nog lang van je blogs te mogen genieten en van Scheepjes garen natuurlijk. Vriendelijke groeten, Els


  15. Congratulations on your blog. I just found and look forward to following it. The yarn looks amazing. I’m also excited about the Clover Amour hook. They are my favorite to work with.


  16. I haven’t used this yarn yet because I don’t have the money to buy the yarn because I am unemployed. But it would be nice to win some so I could make something.


  17. I haven’t had the chance to use this yarn yet as I live in Australia and it’s not available here. But I found your blog and your you tube videos when I started my Sophie’s universe in April this year and the colours in your Sophie are just beautiful. It looks so smooth and lovely to work with but then you make it look so easy! I finished my first Sophie this week and it’s going to my mother on Saturday for her birthday!😀 thank you for the chance to win and thank you for your wonderful videos, I would not of been able to finish it without you!


  18. One of my bestest friends have (sadly) stopped crocheting because there are no nice yarn available in my country xx This would get her back on track for sure, I would love to win these for her 🙂


  19. Hi, I love your blog and YouTube channel. I also love Scheepjes yarn because it is so pretty. I ordered the color pack for Sophie’s Universe and can’t wait to receive it and start the project. The colors of the yarn and the pattern blew me away. I just had to buy the yarn so I could try it. Thank you for filming such great videos!


  20. Why I do love Sheepjeswol?
    The answer is easy: It’s super cool!
    They’ve so many colours, which brighten up my life;
    now even my husband loves the craft of his wife.

    My current favourite is Cotton 8
    Some projects to do with I hardly can wait ^_^
    So it would be my greatest pleasure
    to win this price for my yarn-stash-treasure!


  21. Belated Happy Birthday Esther and blog! Thank you for the giveaway.

    I have used Scheepjes Cotton 8 to crochet the Flight of Fancy Shawl (originally made for me but a friend fell in love with it and borrowed it for her holiday. I haven’t seen it since, I don’t mind, I’m chuffed she loves it that much!) Just started knitting the Kika shawl with the Invicta Colour and Invicta Extra kit, already this shawl has fans so I doubt this one will be mine!

    Perhaps, if I win this giveaway, I can keep something I’ve made!
    I love Scheepjes and this is reflected in my rhyme
    Why? Because…..

    From sheep to little ships to make shawls I adore,
    From our needles and hooks so many is galore,
    With numerous colours is a delight, that’s for sure!
    I just want to use it, a whole lot more….


  22. Gefeliciteerd! Met je 1 jarig bestaan! Hieperdepiep!
    What I love about Scheepjes! Ik hou van scheepjes omdat het mijn grootste hobby laat uitoefenen. Haken is gewoon een verslaving en scheepjes vult het prefect aan. De bolletjes van scheepjes haken fijn. Ik ken bloom en de linnen soft. Voelt heerlijk aan en haakt prettig.


  23. Hi,
    After I stopped smoking in summer 2014 my fingers need a new job. So I started crocheting! I am addicted now and try my first CAL. I found your youtube channel while I was searching for some visual help for Sophies Universe. I am so excited how easy it is while using your videos. 🙂 Thanks for sharing your time and skills!
    And now I am looking forward to win the Scheepjes wool for making the next CAL “Around the bases”! 🙂



  24. Hello!
    First off I want to thank you for the videos you do for the CALS. I would be lost withouguclt them. I have used them for Sophie, ATB, flights of fancy, I want that bag, etc. and they are beautifully done, clear and concise and invaluablek. Thank you.

    I hadn’t used Scheepjes yarn until this year and now I don’t want tto use any other yarn. The Scheepjes yarn works up beautifully, has a great color selection, and is so soft. The thing I love the most though is that Scheepjes yarn works up so easily that anyone, even me, can make a beautiful blanket, garrment, or anything else and have it look like a million dollars. My crochet has never looked so good!! Thanks so much!



  25. Hi 🙂
    First happy birthday to your blog! I wish i could win those gorgeus yarn balls because i never have tried this brand. Second this are my favorite colors ;-). Many greetings from switzerland


  26. Hoi Esther, van harte gefeliciteerd met je 1 jarig jubileum! Mijn complimenten voor je blog en je YouTube video’s echt heel duidelijk en je hebt een prettige stem.

    Ik hou van Scheepjeswol colour crafter omdat het zo fijn is om mee te werken.
    Lekker zacht voelt het aan en super mooie kleuren. Veel kleuren!

    Ik zou super graag t pakket willen winnen.
    Gr Ellen Meester.


  27. Things I love about Scheepjes yarn: the beautiful colors and neat names of the colors; the look of stitch ease that Esther makes in her videos and the appearance of the finished project; and to have a supplier for US orders. I know I will have more loves when I get to create a project with this special yarn. I am looking forward to touching this INSPIRATION IN EVERY BALL OF YARN! Maybe Friday the 13th will be my LUCKY DAY.


  28. I have been using Scheepjes yarn since Dedri published Sophie’s universe and love it. I made my Sophie with cotton 8 but then I discovered the stonewashed line. I started stocking up on it and it is my first choice for any project. Love it.

    Liked by 1 person

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