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Around the Bases CAL week 14

It is week 14 of Around the Bases CAL and this week we are making spike stitches. Hope your spikes don’t puncture your balls from last week 😀 This week is also an excellent time to add extra rows to your afghan if you want to make it bigger


Video Part 14


I am still using Scheepjes Linen Soft yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook. This week I make my spikes on a light blue background to match the blue from last week.

  • Round 59 – 629 pastel blue
  • Round 60 – 614 light blue
  • Round 61 – 630 white
  • Round 62 – 630 white

The white on the blue background makes the spikes beautifully visible. You will note that this weeks pattern tends to wobble a bit, at least is did for me. I suggest blocking you work, you can do it this week or wait till the end, but do take the time for this at a certain point.

I chose to extend my ATB by adding a few extra rounds to my afghan. In short I repeated parts 3 and 4, that is repeating rounds 10 to 20. A note on the first star stitch, I made the first star using only 4 loops on my hook and not 5. Otherwise you are going to be one stitch short for the final star at the end of the edge. If this doesn’t work for you, just fudge as needed 🙂

I used the following colors for extending my afghan. I added an E to the round number to show that it is an extra round of the original design. Off course I again used purple in the extension, this color just makes me feel all happy.

  • Round E10 – 630 white
  • Round E11 – 622 mint green
  • Round E12 – 630 white
  • Round E13 – 623 sea green
  • Round E14 – 630 white
  • Round E15 – 627 bright green
  • Round E16 – 630 white
  • Round E17 – 625 lila
  • Round E18 – 625 lila
  • Round E19 – 626 pink
  • Round E20 – 626 pink

So now my afghan looks like this:

You will need to adapt round 63 of part 15 to make it fit, but more on that next week.

Share your blanket(s) in the Facebook group CAL – Crochet A Long and/or Ravelry group Around the Bases. That way we can all enjoy your beautiful handiwork.

With love,


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