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Around the Bases CAL week 15

It’s week 15 of Around the Bases CAL and this week we are making V-stitches, the V for Victory. This week victory for me also means to overcome all the hurt that I feel in my heart and be strong. My heart and my soul hurts for the people of Paris, but it is important to stay strong and know that Love will overcome all evil.

Sorry, I did not mean to preach to you. Like I said, the stitches this week are V-stitches. Be sure to put your V’s in the right place. Depending on which team you are in you have different positions.


Video Part 15


I am still using Scheepjes Linen Soft yarn and a 3.5mm crochet hook. This week I make my spikes on a light blue background to match the blue from last week.

  • Round 63 – 630 white
  • Round 64 – 630 white
  • Round 65 – 629 pastel blue
  • Round 66 – 613 ecru

I am using light colors this week so that next week when we add the final part I can use bright colors again. Don’t want too much of a color circus

If you did not extend your ATB with extra rows you are fine and can just continue with the pattern and the Team you were already on. I did add a few extra rounds between parts 14 and 15 and I had to adapt round 63 to make the pattern work.

I added parts 3 and 4 to part 14, this means that I have 215 stitches at the start of week 15. This is not one of the stitch counts needed for Team A or B. What I did is I adapted round 63 on Team A.

I substituted the corner of round 63 which is (1sc, ch2, 1sc) with (2sc, ch2, 2sc). This way I add not 2 but 4 stitches in round 63 to bring me to 219 stitches at the start of round 64. And that is a perfect match for the pattern. By adding these stitches I have now joined Team A where up to now I have always been on Team B. At the end of part 15 I now have 225 stitches.

So now my afghan looks like this, it’s not blocked at all (will do this next week):

Almost done, next time part 16. Share your blanket(s) in the Facebook group CAL – Crochet A Long and/or Ravelry group Around the Bases. That way we can all enjoy your beautiful handiwork.

With love,


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