mandala madness sneek peek part 2
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Announcement: Mandala Madness CAL

Maybe you are thinking that I am a bit more quiet on my blog the usual, and you would be right. I have been working hard on not one, but three projects for next year. Time to announce the first one!


Yarn & yarn packs

There are/were various yarn packs available for the crochet along.

These yarn packs are available from Wool Warehouse as well as selected Scheepjes Stockists.

Mandala Madness!

Starting on March 17, 2016 is a crochet along designed by Helen Shrimpton from Crystals & Crochet and sponsored by Scheepjes. Helen has a thing for mandalas and hence it won’t surprise you that the CAL is named Mandala Madness after the giant mandala we are going to be making. The actual CAL is a secret, but Helen has released a sneak peek up to part 3.

mandala madness sneak peek up to week 3

I am currently working hard on the videos for the CAL, here my peek up to week 2. All videos will be available through my YouTube channel as well as my blog.

mandala madness sneek peek part 2

My yarn

I will be using Scheepjes Cotton 8 and Sunkissed yarns which are both sport weight cotton yarns. These yarns are strong, durable and incredibly versatile and I have an enormous amount of this wonderful yarn in my stash. I don’t really have a color plan, just taking it week by week basically. Here my “toolbox” for this CAL 😀

I will keep you posted when more info becomes available.

With love,


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27 thoughts on “Announcement: Mandala Madness CAL”

  1. Will we be able to save the tutorial as we all crochet at our own available time and space, and are learning stitches along the way, and for me they work better than videos. Thank you so much. Lena


  2. So very excited to have you on board offering tutorials without which I would be unable to follow along!!!!! You are a Blessing!!!


  3. Kan nie wag om te begin nie. BAie dankie vir jou moeite met nuwe patroon. Ons waardeer dit en dit bring weer al ons hekelverslaafdes bymekaar.


  4. Oooh – I can’t wait. I love your videos, Esther – wouldn’t have been able to complete a Sophie for my Mum’s Christmas present without them. Am really looking forward to this one!


  5. I’m so happy you will be teaching us!! I did Sophie with you and just loved following along. Will you be telling us what your colors are so we can follow your color plan?


  6. I’d like IN! How do I sign in for this? And I’m a bit of a Mandala-holic!
    Can’t wait!
    I’ll check into the Scheepjes yarn packs. If it doesn’t start til March, Christmas bills will be paid off by then so I’ll be good to go! Thanks for this! If that sample is anything like what we’ll be doing, I’m VERY excited!


    Looking forward to this CAL, can’t waiting!


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