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Peek-a-boo button wrap – video tutorial & tips

I have finished my Peek-a-Boo Button Wrap designed by Miss Neriss using Scheepjes Bloom. This is a fun design which works up fast, a perfect project for a lazy summer day. I must however confess, I have completed the wrap quite some time ago but somehow I just didn’t get round to actually putting the button on which meant it has been in WIP status for a very long time. But luckily, if you wait long enough, everything gets completed.


I made my wrap in size medium. I was in doubt if I needed a medium or large (it depend on the manufacturer which size I have in a store), but opted for the medium in the end. And luckily it fits! I used 12 balls of Scheepjes Bloom Chocolate (401) to make my wrap. Bloom is a light weight, 100% cotton yarn worked with a 4-5mm hook.

Instruction video

I have already told you about the instruction video, gauge piece and chart I made for the wrap, with the designer’s permission of course, but I thought it easiest for you if I repeat it here so that you have all the info in one place.

In the instruction video I show you all the elements that are involved in making the wrap; so how to make the stitch, how to prevent making mistakes by using a chart I designed, and how to work a sleeve or button hole. You still need her design for measurements, where to make the sleeve and button holes as well as stitch counts. This video is an addition to the written pattern, not a replacement.

Make a test piece!

If you are anything like me, you just want to dive in and start working on your new project. You have bought all that wonderful yarn and you want to start using it like right away. But please, please, please, try to withstand the urge and make a small test piece first to check your stitch size. I did a small piece using about 19 stitches with first a 5.0mm and then a 4.5mm hook. I was unsure which would give the correct size. I first though I would use a 4.5mm, but after the test piece I decided that the 5.0mm was better. Imagine if I had used the 4.5mm and at the end of the day my wrap did not fit! That would have been such a waste of time and effort.

My “no-more-mistakes” chart

I have been making my wrap with the aid of a small chart that I made right at the start of my project. In the video I also explain how I use it. It is an aid to help you to keep you from making any mistakes and in the event that you do make a mistake, help you to catch it early.

In the chart here the “V” is a stitch marker, “FL” stands for front loop hdc, “BL” stands for back loop hdc, “st.” stands for stitches and “1st” stand for first stitch worked. The arrow indicated the working direction, so this is always from right to left  because I am right handed.

I place the stitch markers after working the first row of back&front loop hdc. I connect 3 stitch markers around the ch2 used to turn on the left hand side of my work and starting from the right hand side I position a stitch marker every 10 stitches. There should be 7 stitches left if you are making size ‘medium’ like I am. The arrow indicates the working direction where one time my 3 stitch markers are on the right and when working the other way my 3 stitch markers are on the left of my work. So when working the pattern these 3 stitch markers help me to identify if the stitches at the marked positions should be front or back loop hdc. This may all sound a bit confusing, I realize this. Best to just watch the video, I am sure it will make sense to you then.

Finished wrap

I really enjoyed working on my wrap, even though it took quite some time to complete. The problem is that I just have a pile of WIPs and this one somehow was never at the top of the list.

When the summer comes I will be wearing this wrap for sure! Now it’s middle of winter and without sleeves it’s a bit on the cold side.

I hope you have a wonderful week!

With love,


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9 thoughts on “Peek-a-boo button wrap – video tutorial & tips”

  1. I too just finished the Peek A Boo wrap in Bloom light grey. It is lovely. Your tutorial and chart saved this lovely wrap from being ripped like the first one I made. That one was ripped out three times because of mistakes in gauge and errors in pattern. The one completed is a gift for my sister and is perfect thanks to your tutorial and chart. Thank you so much for that gift of knowledge and skill. You made a great tutorial.

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  2. I want to make this vest using Sheepjes Stone Washed XL instead of Bloom. Will the measurements and stitch counts be the same for both yarns?


  3. Help, Raverly page states the gauge as 8 stitches and 5 rows = 4 inches. Her web-site states: 8 stitches x 5 rows=5cmx5cm (roughly 2×2 INCHES). That’s quite a difference. Which guage did you use?
    Do you know if the sizing (L, X-L) is UK or USA, because there is a difference. Stitchs are in US terms, but measurements are in cm. Help?


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