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Monday Blues Shawl

It’s not Monday, and it’s not a particularly blue day either, but I would love to share my Monday Blues Shawl with you. Do you remember the fabulous Malabrigo yarn I bought at Loop in London when visiting Dedri from Look at what I made? I turned that wonderful yarn into a wonderful shawl!

The first thing to do is turn those beautiful hand dyed skeins into balls. I don’t have a yarn winder (still on my wish list) so I did it by hand and my husband’s hands were the swift (also still on my wish list). But it works just fine!

I wanted to make something special because I had such a wonderful time during my stay in London. And it’s almost inevitable that I would use the yarn to make one of Dedri’s designs.

Dedri’s Monday Blues Shawl is fun to make and works up fast. She uses color changing Scheepjes yarn to make the shawl. I didn’t have color changing yarn, so I changed colors at the end of every row. I made a Russian Join to join the two colors and then just continued as if nothing happened.

I didn’t have enough yarn to complete the entire shawl which means my shawl doesn’t go to a complete point and I had to fudge the last row to get my yarn to reach the end. But hey, who cares! I am so happy with this shawl. I have worn it to work a few times now and one of my colleagues immediately noticed it.

From now on the blues are only allowed in my life if they come as yarn.

I hope you have a wonderful week.


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4 thoughts on “Monday Blues Shawl”

  1. It’s beautiful, Esther. I loved going to Loop with you and hope that you remember your London trip every time you wear your shawl x

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