Color Crafter Mystery Quilt Revealed

I am doing a happy dance over here! My Color Crafter version of the Mystery Patchwork Quilt Afghan by Annelies Baes is shown on the blog of Inside Crochet.  All the patterns for this unusual and unique design are given in issues 73, 74 and 75 of Inside Crochet.

On one of my photos you see a steel robot which is very special in my family. You see, my grandfather (well, technically not my grandfather because he was my husband’s grandfather, but I loved him too and he was a bit my grandfather also) he was a teacher at a vocational school from the 60’s to 90’s where he taught young students how to do woodwork and weld and other handcraft things. We are not sure exactly when he made the robot, but we know it is at least 30 years ago. We also know that he made 3 of them and that this is one of the few objects that he made pure for ‘looking at’. Grandpa always made things that were useful and served a purpose, so the fact that he made 3 identical decorative objects is extra special. We have no idea why he made 3, but we think that maybe it was part of a project at the school where he taught. Doesn’t the robot look extra chuffed holding my afghan?

Getting back to the Quilt afgan, the project is accompanied by two yarn packs, one in Scheepjes Merino Soft and one in Scheepjes Color Crafter. I had a Color Crafter kit which contains 13 colors of soft acrylic yarn.

When I showed you my Work In Progress I told you that I had made a lot of rectangles. Well, to be exact, I have made 134. Like I said, I made the Color Crafter version of this afghan which is twice the size of the Merino Soft so there were a lot of rectangles to make. I made the 12 motives in the following color combinations. (At the end I still had a lot of color yarn left, the grey not so much so, but if you are willing to buy one or two extra balls of Color Crafter Wolvenga to combine with the main color of each motif you can make your afgan even bigger!)

 Color  Whole motifs  Half motifs
Motif 1 1302 Dokkum 10 1
Motif 2 1080 Venlo  10 1
Motif 3 1005 Barneveld  10 2
Motif 4 1711 Leeuwarden  10 1
Motif 5 1708 Alkmaar  9 1
Motif 6 1709 Burum  10 1
Motif 7 1277 Amstelveen  10 2
Motif 8 1019 Texel  10 1
Motif 9 1712 Nijmegen  9 1
Motif 10 1316 Almelo  10 1
Motif 11 1241 Den Bosch  10 2
Motif 12 1068 Den Helder  10 2

Making the rectangles was a breeze, they go quick and are fun to make. I made all the rectangles in just over 5 weeks (I had the pattern ahead of schedule from Annelies), but it took me six(!) weeks to join all those squares. I will be very honest, I love this blanket, but joining all the rectangles with a needle comes close to torture for me. But…. when you are finally done and the border is completed also, the end result is just wonderful.

I hope you enjoyed these photos!

With love,


PS: I expect that in due time Annelies Baes will make this afghan available as a (paid) pattern through her website. Please note that this may take longer that you think. 🙂


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16 thoughts on “Color Crafter Mystery Quilt Revealed”

  1. Wonderful! I also have the colorcrafter, I choose different colors though. I cant wait to get started! I have some little problem with pattern, so i’m waiting for it. This is the first one I see in Colorcrafter en it makes me happy!


  2. I’ve started it myself in colour crafter but stuck with the pattern so now I’m thinking that i have a lot more motifs to make lol. How did you know to increase the motifs and how to assemble them together? Looks fab!


    1. I simply doubled the directions given in the magazine, so I did everything x 2 and then followed the trend lines given in the rectangle layout with a few minor deviations to get the color distribution right.


  3. Esther- I bought the colour crafter yarn pack from Deramores and was wondering as to how many balls did you use of each color. Do you think that I need to buy more yarn if I want to make it like yours?
    thank you.


  4. Ik vind de deken prachtig, heel mooie kleuren. Ik heb de patronen in mijn bezit, maar kom niet helemaal uit de vertaling van de haaktermen, zou je me kunnen vertellen wat een “extended double crochet” is, en wat met “raised double crochet”?


    1. een extended double crochet is een vaste met een extra losse maken voordat je de vaste afhaakt, een raised double crochet is een reliefvaste (let op dat ze UK termen gebruiken). even kijken op youtube voor hoe je de steken maakt, je komt er vast uit!


  5. Hi Esther 🙂
    I have just completed the double batch of motifs in Colour Crafter for this & notice that in your version of this afghan the rectangles are much more uniform than the ones done in the Merino Soft. I was just wondering if you blocked before or after you joined? I am inclined to do mine first as some appear to be larger than others.

    I love your version BTW

    Thank you


    1. Hi Betty, I also had some motifs larger than others, but I am good at fudging so I only blocked afterwards. During joining just pay extra attention to the stitches because as such all the motifs have the same number of stitches. I blocked the entire afghan at the end and aligned the rows to one another to get everything straight.


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