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Video tutorial Mandala Madness week 1

It has been a wait, but after announcing that I would be making video tutorials for the Mandala Madness CAL designed by Helen Shrimpton we are ready to start. From now till the summer holiday I will be releasing a video each week, and today we start with week 1.


Yarn & yarn packs

There are/were various yarn packs available for the crochet along.

These yarn packs are available from Wool Warehouse as well as selected Scheepjes Stockists.

Video Part 1

All videos for Mandala Madness will be available through my YouTube channel. In the video for week 1 I show you step-by-step how to make the center flower of the mandala.

My Mandala Madness

I use two yarns for my mandala, both by Scheepjes. I used Scheepjes Sunkissed and Scheepjes Cotton 8, bot good quality sport weight cotton yarns and work both yarns with a 3mm (D-3) hook. Here a list of the colors I used for week 1.

Round   Yarn  Color number  Color name
round 1 Sunkissed 12 beach hut orange
round 2 Sunkissed  12 beach hut orange
round 3 Cotton 8  508 soft yellow
round 4 Sunkissed  13 cherry ice
round 5 Cotton 8  508 soft yellow
round 6 Cotton 8  720 fuchsia
round 7 Sunkissed  17 summer rain
round 8 Sunkissed  17 summer rain
round 9 Cotton 8  652 grey-blue
round 10 Cotton 8  652 grey-blue
round 11 Cotton 8  720 fuchsia
round  12 Cotton 8  720 fuchsia
round  13 Sunkissed  19 candy floss
round  14 Sunkissed  19 candy floss
round  15 Cotton 8  720 fuchsia

I hope to see you next week for part 2.

With love,


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33 thoughts on “Video tutorial Mandala Madness week 1”

  1. How do you join this CAL? I can see your video, but can’t find a link to join or purchase this pattern?


    1. The pattern if free, so you doing have to purchase it. You can join the cal by joining the CCC social group on Facebook. That is where the cal is hosted. The free pattern is on the designer’s blog Crystals and Crochet


    1. I have not completed the project, so I have no idea on final yarn amounts just yet. I am also using more colors in the following parts. I can not say anything sensible about my colors and yarn at the moment.


  2. Oh my favorite BFF is back and I so missed you Esther!! I finished the project and sent you the pictures. I wanted to be done with it before I started this one with you. I’ve missed crocheting with a video and your relaxing voice. I’m so ready to start. Looking forward to crocheting with Esther!! LOL


  3. I love how calming you are in your tutorials! You make the whole process look so easy and it’s very easy to follow. Thank you Esther x

    Liked by 1 person

  4. your tutorial is so nice that everything seems easy, your voice is wonderful ! after watching quite every tutorial of the mandala madness I decided to realise it – I hope I could!- I want to use sunkissed yarn; could you tell me how many meters or pieces I should Order? I live in Italy and I will have to order by Internet. thank you so much


    1. Hi Shirley, happy you want to make you own mandala and that you like the videos. I am almost done with my mandala. This week I will write a post on how much yarn you need. I am not completely finished with my mandala yet so I cannot give you the full info at the moment. Visit my blog on thursday or friday and it should be ready then 🙂


  5. Ik ben net begonnen aan dit mooie patroon.
    Ben geen ervaren haakster. Helaas loop ik meteen al vast met het haken van de vasten in de magische ring. De magische ring lukt dankzij t duidelijke filmpje maar de 16 vasten die ik dan moet haken draaien alle kanten op. Heb t al verschillende keren opnieuw geprobeerd. Heb ook al geprobeerd om een ring te maken van 4 lossen en dan 16 vasten haken maar dat zijn dan weer te veel steken in de ring. Hoe kan ik dit oplossen? Alvast bedankt voor t antwoord!


    1. De vasten in de magische ring draaien rond, dit is op zich normaal. Zet ze even allemaal op een rijtje en trek dan de lus strak, dan zouden ze op moeten lijnen. Eventueel kun je ook inderdaad een losse ketting maken, maar je hebt natuurlijk meer van 4 losse nodig om 16 vasten in kwijt te kunnen. Ik zou er zeker 6 lossen van maken.


      1. Dankjewel voor de tip! Dan weet ik in elk geval dat ik t goed deed en dat de gedraaide steken dus niet verkeerd is. Ga t gauw proberen.


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