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Video tutorial Mandala Madness week 2

After a successful start to the Mandala Madness CAL last week, it’s now time for part 2 of the design by Helen Shrimpton. You can find the original, written pattern with many translations on Helen’s blog.


Yarn & yarn packs

There are/were various yarn packs available for the crochet along.

These yarn packs are available from Wool Warehouse as well as selected Scheepjes Stockists.

Video Part 2

All videos for Mandala Madness are available through my YouTube channel. In the video for week 2 I show you step-by-step how to make the star around the center flower of the mandala.

My Mandala Madness

I use two Scheepjes yarns for my mandala; Scheepjes Sunkissed and Scheepjes Cotton 8 with a 3mm (D-3) hook. Here a list of the colors I used for week 2.

Round   Yarn  Color number  Color name
round 16 Sunkissed 14 spearmint green
round 17 Sunkissed  14 spearmint green
round 18 Sunkissed  14 spearmint green
round 19 Cotton 8  652 grey-blue
round 20 Cotton 8  652 grey-blue
round 21 Cotton 8  652 grey-blue
round 22 Sunkissed  13 cherry ice
round 23 Sunkissed  13 cherry ice

I hope to see you next week for part 3 which brings us up to the sneak peak released a few months ago. After that the project is a mystery.

With love,


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5 thoughts on “Video tutorial Mandala Madness week 2”

  1. Dear Esther.
    Round 22 with your cherry ice..the Trebles that are then folded on row 23 seem uneven on original picture of the last of part 2 of the Mandala ..its all in a nutshell. Your sample seems even. Is there a miscalculation of the stitches? This is where you do 25T then skip the 4sc on the row. thank you.


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