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Apologies for all the emails

Hello everyone,

I realize that if you are subscribed to my blog you have received a lot of email from me today. First of all, I understand that not all these emails are relevant to you! Give me a moment to explain.

My latest design has been translated into 12 languages and I have made each translation into a separate blog post meaning that you got a lot of emails from me today.

When you subscribe to my blog by e-mail you will receive an email about each and every post that I publish on my blog, also this post that I am writing to you now you will have received in your mailbox. I have absolutely no control on who gets what in their mailbox. And to make a long story short, I’m afraid there is nothing I can do about it.

The best solution I have for you is that if it bothers and frustrates you, is that you unsubscribe from my blog. If you would still like to be kept up to date about what happens on my blog, you could follow me on Facebook where I post links to new posts. Then you could only click on things that you consider interesting. If it doesn’t bother you so much, just hit the delete button when you get a post in a language you don’t understand in your mailbox.


Please accept my utmost and sincerest apologies if I have upset you in any way!

With love,




19 thoughts on “Apologies for all the emails”

  1. Oh I am so excited for you to have your wonderful work translated in so many languages! That way everyone has the access to your awesome work. I would never be bothered or angry to receive all those emails…just proof that the world is connected by yarn and crochet hooks. Keep sending those posts!!!

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  2. Are you kidding, Esther? It was such fun to see all the different languages! I’m starting to learn the days of the week in Dutch, and today I got to learn a few words in several languages. Pretty neat for a girl in Wyoming, USA! I’m just glad to be part of the international conversation about all things crochet. 🙂

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  3. No apology needed! It amazes me just how many languages you translate into.

    Much crocheting love,

    Hannah xx

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  4. Esther,
    Since finding your wonderful tutorials I have loved every minute of watching your teachings. A few extra emails in my inbox is no problem at all , dear. Such a sweet , kind soul you are.
    Noblesville, Indiana USA


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