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Video tutorial Mandala Madness part 13

This week we are have arrived at part 13 of Mandala Madness designed by Helen Shrimpton and we are making waves, but in a good way. There are two large and one small shell this week and with the decorative edges it looks like waves are dancing around my mandala.


Yarn & yarn packs

There are/were various yarn packs available for the crochet along.

These yarn packs are available from Wool Warehouse as well as selected Scheepjes Stockists.

Video Part 13

All videos for Mandala Madness are available through my YouTube channel. In the video for week 13 I show you how to make the shells and the decorative stitches on the shells.

My Mandala Madness

I use two Scheepjes yarns for my mandala; Scheepjes Sunkissed and Scheepjes Cotton 8 with a 3mm (D-3) hook. There are yarn packs available for this CAL in Scheepjes Color CrafterScheepjes Stone Washed XL and Scheepjes Merino Soft, available from Wool Warehouse. Here a list of the colors I used for week 13.

Round   Yarn  Color number  Color name
round 83 Sunkissed 13 cherry ice
round 84 Sunkissed 13 cherry ice
round 85 Sunkissed 10 lavender ice
round 86 Sunkissed 10 lavender ice
round 87 Cotton 8 669 olive

My mandala is really big, I am having to stand on a chair to get all of it into frame for a photograph. And this week I got round to blocking her, so she is nice an flat again.

I hope to see you next week for part 14.

With love,


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4 thoughts on “Video tutorial Mandala Madness part 13”

  1. Dear Esther
    🙂 the Aunt who taught me to crochet approx 52 years ago was called Esther. I really like the colours you use in your mandala madness. I haven’t managed to even started mine yet as I am busy finishing another project See Ravelry (RoyG), but I was wondering if Scheepjes would consider making up a pack of the colours you use? I also prefer cotton as wool tends to irritate my skin. I live in far off northern Thailand and the brighter colours are more suited to our part of the world, but there is no decent yarn shop in my location. I either use fairy good local cotton yarn for one colour projects, but have to get as best I can the rest usually PIma cotton from Australia.
    Thanks for the very helpful videos.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I don’t think that there will be yarn packs because the CAL is already over. I will put a list with all my colors and yarn amounts when i am finished on my blog. Then you can order it if you want to.


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