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Video tutorials Last Dance on the Beach week 10

Week 10 of Last Dance on the Beach CAL feels more like knitting than crochet actually, but when you consider that the square has been designed by an awesome lady that is more known for her knitting than her crochet is completely makes sense. This weeks square has been designed by Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch. And if you want to know how to pronounce that, watch the start of the video for this week 😀

Sarah’s square looks like it’s knitted, but it really is crochet. By working only in the back-back and front-front loops you get an interesting effect. I was looking at the square and thinking, that looks like a big pile of rope nicely looped on a ship’s deck to me. What does it remind you of?


Colors used

When I was working the first square I quickly came to the conclusion that color is not going to work in this square. It is just going to be too much of a mess, hence both my Merino Soft Dancing in the Sea and Color Crafter Dancing in the Sea squares are all worked solo-color.

Regarding hook sizes for this week, I went up one hook size relative to my gauge swatch this week. This means I used a 5.0mm hook for my Merino Soft squares and a 4.5mm for my Color Crafter squares.

These are the colors that I used from my Merino Soft Dancing in the Sea kit and arranged according to the photograph above from left to right.

square color
1 630 – Lautrec
2 610 – Turner
3 625 – Kandinsky
4 615 – Soutine

I must however make a small confession, I did not work the squares completely to the pattern. You need to work in the back-back or front-front loops; see the video for what I mean, but although the front-front loops are a breeze the back-back loops are a bit of a pain. Hence I substituted the back-back loop for the back loop. Worked like a charm!

Video tutorials

All videos for Last Dance on the Beach are available through my YouTube channel. I have a video available in English and Dutch. Please note that I use UK crochet terms in the English video. If you are more familiar with US terms, this conversion chart will help you with the most common terms.

For those of you that are left handed I have the video for week 10 available in English and Dutch. Again, please note that the English videos use UK crochet terminology.

Yarn kits

If you still want to join the CAL, there are kits available in two yarns and in three color ways. You can choose a base kit with Color Crafter yarn or a luxury kit with Merino Soft yarn. The three color ways are Dance in the Sea, Dance in the Rain and Dancing under the stars. Both kits have yarn and a special edition label to add to your afghan. If you choose for the luxury kit you will also get lots of other goodies. And maybe the best part of this project is that 2 euro of each kit sold goes to a charity aimed at helping people with mental health difficulties. Kits are available from Wool Warehouse (UK/International), or your local Scheepjes stockist.

Participating in the CAL

To join the CAL, please join the International (English speaking) or Dutch (Nederlands) Facebook groups. You can post all your photo’s of your squares here and there are lots of people to help you if you get stuck somewhere. The patterns will be posted each week in the Facebook groups and on the Scheepjes website.

I hope to see you next week for part 11.

With love,


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