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Video tutorial Mandala Madness week 16

Just in the nick of time I have managed to get the video for week 16 of Mandala Madness to you on time. This week we are starting the final stage of our journey together, the end is in sight now. Just a few more steps….


Yarn & yarn packs

There are/were various yarn packs available for the crochet along.

These yarn packs are available from Wool Warehouse as well as selected Scheepjes Stockists.

Video Part 16

Our final encore for our mandala begins with the sun slowly setting on the horizon. This week we are making a series of half-suns at the outer edge of the mandala. Next week we will decorate the suns a bit more and then we will complete the last edges in week 18. A not of warning, the suns are not all identical and they are not spaced equally from each other, so keep paying attention to the pattern.

All videos for Mandala Madness are available through my YouTube channel. In the video for week 16 I show you how to work the stitches for this week.

My Mandala Madness

I use two Scheepjes yarns for my mandala; Scheepjes Sunkissed and Scheepjes Cotton 8 with a 3mm (D-3) hook. There are yarn packs available for this CAL in Scheepjes Color CrafterScheepjes Stone Washed XL and Scheepjes Merino Soft, available from Wool Warehouse. Here a list of the colors I used for week 15.

Round   Yarn  Color number  Color name
round 98 Sunkissed 20 beach hut pink
round 99 Sunkissed 15 noonday sun
round 100 Sunkissed 15 noonday sun
round 101 Sunkissed 12 beach hut orange
round 102 Cotton 8 717 bordeaux

The outer edge of my mandala looks like this at the moment. I will only make a full view photo again when it is completed, just to give you a bit of a surprise at the end 🙂

I am currently working on the video for week 17 and there are a lot of details for next week. Not difficult, just time consuming. Hence I can’t guarantee that it will be ready next week. I will do my best, promise.

With love,


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