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Announcement: Peacock Tail Bag CAL

I am happy to announce a new crochet along starting this summer that I will be making video tutorials for. In August and September we will be making a beautiful bag with a peacock theme. The Peacock Tail Bag CAL is made using overlay crochet and is designed by the very talented Tatsiana from Lilla Bjorn Crochet.


To make this bag you will need 6 balls of Scheepjes Linen Soft yarn in 5 colors; for the main color of the bag you will need 2 balls and of the other 4 colors you will need 1 ball of each. There are two kits available that contain everything you need to make your bag; one in a Peacock colorway and the other in a Pastel colorway as shown in the beautiful photo’s released by Tatsiana. Linen Soft is available from Wool Warehouse (UK/International), Paradise Fibers (US/CA) or your local Scheepjes stockist.

I am, as always, following my own color selection. I am using Linen Soft in the following colors: 2 balls of 614 as that is my main color, and 1 ball each of 622, 625, 626 and 627. These colors follow the general feel of the Peacock kit, but are lighter shades.

Other bits you need

If you have only the yarn you will come to the end of the crochet along and then not be able to use your bag. You need a few extra bits to complete it. You will need a bag handle, 2 30mm D-rings, an 18mm magnetic clasp, interfacing (not shown) and fabric for the lining. You can get all these bits from any supplier or make life easy for yourself and get the kit which includes everything you need. The kits go on sale July 21st from Wool Warehouse, be quick because I think they are going to be in high demand.

When do we start?

We start making our bag on Wednesday 17 August 2016 when the first part of the pattern of this six-week project is released. Each week there will be written instructions and full photo tutorials on Tatsiana’s blog as well as a video tutorial on my blog and YouTube channel.

Join & Show your work

To join the CAL, join the Official CCC Social Group on Facebook. Each week links to the written pattern and the video tutorials will be shared in the group. This is also THE place to show your beautiful work.

Hope to see you at the start of this amazing project!

With love,


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16 thoughts on “Announcement: Peacock Tail Bag CAL”

  1. I have truly enjoyed Mandala Madness and your video tutorials are outstanding. I am looking forward to this project with you. Thank you so much , Esther ! I am jumping for joy. Love, Julia

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  2. I was a bit worried I might not be able to do this but if you are doing videos I know I’ll totally be able to do it!! Hope I can get my hands on a kit!! 🙂

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  3. I have my kit on the way 🙂 I got a voucher for Wool Warehouse for my birthday a week ago and this was perfect. I am so pleased you are doing the videos although I like Tatsianas patterns very much and have made a few things – they are SO interesting 🙂

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  4. I am signed up and looking forward to this event after recently discovering Lilla Björn’s amazing overlay crochet patterns! I am happy to have found your blog as it is full of crochet inspiration and colourful cheer. 🙂 best wishes from Christina in Stockholm


  5. I. CANNOT. WAIT!!!!!!!!!! I’ve been getting all my yarn ready – going with Scheepjes – have never used it and very excited to try it!!! This bag is BEAUTIFUL!!!!


  6. Just for the information of those in USA ordering the yarn, it costs much less to order from woolwarehouse than from the one mentioned in USA. Even shipping is a little less!! No disrespect intended… woolwarehouse was a total of £17.94 for 6 skeins (about $21 USD) + £2.99 shipping. Ordering ‘locally’ in USA, same quantity of same product total was $36.40 + $5 shipping. Shipping is nearly the same, but product nearly double!! And although I’ve never purchased from store in California, woolwarehouse delivers quite quickly – and I’m in very rural NW Wyoming USA. Just FYI for US fiber artists.


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