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Coloring with Color Crafter continues….

Many lazy summer days are coming and going; one flowing into the other without any clear distinction. Losing track of which day of the week it is, but that is normal for a summer holiday. I have been making good progress on my Scheepjes Color Crafter blanket I told you about last time. All 18 balls of yarny goodness are flowing into a warm blanket for when it’s not so warm anymore.

I am playing with color and letting one color flow into the next; just like my days are flowing into one another at the moment. I am going for a natural look, like when a painter mixes colors and they fade and overlap.

It’s summer holiday which means I don’t want a project that requires me to think a lot, just go with the flow and crochet without thinking. Corner-to-Corner crochet is your (and my) friend if you are looking for an easy stitch. And best of all, it works up fast. Just look at how far I am already!

I am using 18 colors of Color Crafter to make a warm winter blanket. If you are are looking for this yarn which is available in over 90 colors, you can buy Scheepjes Color Crafter from Wool Warehouse or your local Scheepjes stockist.

Hmm… still need to work away a lot of yarn tails. Memo to me: don’t leave it till the end. It’s going really fast and I hope to have my blanket done soon. See you next week when I hope to show you my end result.

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11 thoughts on “Coloring with Color Crafter continues….”

  1. This is such a lovely blanket, could I ask which 18 colours you have used please to g et this incredible painting, thanks Marie.

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  2. I absolutely love your blanket and I’d be tempted to leave the yarn tales as fringing. I am intrigued by the Scheepjs Colour Crafter yarns – I normally use Stylecraft for anything that needs a bit mix of colours but while acrylic has its advantages, using wool would be nice. How durable is the Sheepjs stuff? I’m not the biggest fan of merino as I find it tends to destroy itself quite quickly but I suspect there’s not a huge amount of lines with this much colour choice.


    1. The Color Crafter is premium acrylic which means it is softer than regular acrylic and does not felt or pill as far as I can tell.
      The color range is large which makes it very suitable for blankets with lots of color.
      As such I have very good experience with scheepjes yarn. Some I like more than others, but there is nothing that I despise. I have made about 10 blankets using different yarns and they are all still beautiful.

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  3. Mooi kleure!! I am also busy with one but using yarn that changing colours also acrylic.Still not sure how far to go looking forward to see yours!!Looking forward to my trip to Amsterdam in september going to visit all the yarn shops😍


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