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Christmas Gifts for a Crochet-aholic

It’s Christmas time and many people use this time to give gifts to one another. I would like to share my list of perfect gifts for a crochet-aholic like myself. What would a crochet nut such as myself like to receive?

Crochet stuff

I am all about being practical, therefore things that I can use in my craft are always extremely welcome. Think of a crochet hook set, including a case off course. No use not being able to store all your lovely new hooks! That’s actually one thing that I really like about the Tulip hooks (available from, they come in beautiful cases. And if you already have all the hooks you need, then just the case is also a great gift.


Another really neat gift is a swift. I have received a luxurious wooden swift as a gift a few weeks ago, and it is one of the most useful tools I have received in a long time. The swift I received is part of the Scheepjes swift collection in which there are different materials and table connector options to choose from. I have already used my beach and rose wood swift to wind several skeins of yarn into ready-to-use cakes.

But maybe you are looking for something a bit smaller? A swift is a large and relatively expensive gift. Maybe a Lucet is a neat little gift? In case you wonder what a Lucet is and how to use it, I have a short video for you showing how to use it.


Then there are the things you don’t really NEED, but that you WANT. One of those things is a yarn bowl. I received this as a gift a few weeks ago, and seriously, this is just the best thing since sliced bread. No, I don’t need it. Yes, I want it!

Yarn, glorious yarn!

The best thing to give to a crochet-aholic is yarn. A LOT of yarn. No, I am serious. You always need at least 600-800 meters to make something beautiful, so if you give yarn to someone, make sure that it is enough to be able to make something gorgeous with it.

I have received beautiful skins of hand dyed yarn from Sue Cheng a few weeks ago. She send them to me as a way of supporting my work. Thank you so much Sue! I am going to make something lovely with this special yarn for sure.


Each of the gifts that I received are a blessing to me, but at the end of the day Christmas is not about the gifts receive or the gifts you give. Christmas is about the greatest Gift of all that we received many years ago. I pray that He may bless you as much as I have been blessed this past year.

Have a blessed Christmas.

With love,


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5 thoughts on “Christmas Gifts for a Crochet-aholic”

  1. ik wens jou het allerbeste voor het komende jaar een fijn jaar ook met je familie en vrienden een goede gezondheid ( dat vooral, want niet te koop en onbetaalbaar ) veel vriendschap, geluk en plezier in kleine dingen

    het beste! Ann >

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Congratulations Esther on your 20,000 fellows on your UTUBE Channel. You are so easy to fellow when you are teaching us on UTUBE. Thank-you for your efforts in being your videos to teach us all the wonders of crocheting.
    God Bless your many years to come on teaching on UTUBE.


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