Discover the Seasons CAL – WIP

It has been a few weeks since I announced that I would be participating in the Tunisian crochet along Discover the Seasons designed by Marjolein Kooiman. The CAL started beginning of December and I thought to show you my progress.

Stardust tunisian swatch


Yarn used so far

I am using Scheepjes Stardust in 4 subtle shades for this project, a mix fiber yarn containing mohair, wool, premium acrylic and a splash of metallic polyester which gives the yarn a subtle glitter. Stardust is available from Wool Warehouse or your Scheepjes Stockist.

stardust yarn

I am using the Stardust with a 5mm and at this point I have used about half a ball of each color. I must admit that my yarn usage is higher than needed because I have cut out a few squares a few times. The yarn contains mohair and frogging is just about impossible.

How is it going so far?

We are at week 7 of the CAL now and so far so good, the pace is high but I am managing to keep up. We have made 24 squares with various sizes, colors and patterns. There are two prominent squares that immediately catch your eye, one with a tulip and one with a butterfly. Making these patterns is not so much hard, but it is fiddly and you need to follow the chart carefully.

discover the seasons part 7

The written patterns are available in English and Dutch and are released each week in the Discover the Seasons Facebook group. There have been some bugs in the patterns, but the designer has been quick to make corrections and make an updated pattern available.

I have made a few beginner mistakes, and I notice as the CAL proceeds that my stitches and joins are becoming more even. I think that after this is finished I will have the hang of Tunisian Crochet!

I will show you another update when the project is a bit further along again.

With love,


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12 thoughts on “Discover the Seasons CAL – WIP”

  1. Esther, I’m doing the CAL Discover the Seasons and stuck on Block 50 of Week 13…can you clarify this block for an English speaker? I am so frustrated and don’t get it at all. You make everything so clear.


    1. Hi Jane,
      I am not working on this CAL at the moment. I have parked it in the fridge till after Nuts about Squares is finished.
      However, I just so happened to park is halfway through block 50 a few weeks ago.
      If I recall correctly you make TSS in each stitch on your forward pass. In your return pass you take off 2 loops at every stitch except where the 5 blue dots are in the diagram. There you chain 5. Then on your next forward pass you make everything TSS again on each stitch, but you skip the ch5 stitches. They should be kept to the front of your work for later.
      When you work through the diagram you then have a series of loops dangling on the front. These you weave through each other in a diamond shape. So the loops from row 2 through the loops from row 1. The loops from row 3 through the (already woven) loop from row 2, etc.
      In the last row you connect the loops, but I am not that far yet 🙂
      Does all of this make any sense to you?


  2. Hi again, Esther. I’m starting this project Thursday! Can’t wait! Two questions for you. 1. Is your work in this picture blocked? If not do you have any tips on avoiding the curl? I don’t see much curl in your work! 2. Any tips on the joining? You said your joints were becoming more even—did you find something that helped you, or was it just the practice of repetition?


    1. My work is blocked yes, but going up a few hook sizes helps to keep the curl down.
      I found that doing a finishing round with ss, and then start the new block in those finishing stitches. And yes, practise makes perfect 😃


      1. Thanks for such a speedy reply! I am using the same yarn as you, so I’ll start with the 5 mm as well and see how that goes. My Tunisian projects are notoriously curly! Great tip about doing a finishing row! Thanks, Esther, for all your wonderful advice, videos and patterns. I am so grateful for you!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi, Esther! I feel like I am stalking you! Can you easily find out how big your test swatch was, or how big your first block? Just want to have something to compare my work to. If you can’t get to it easily, no biggie! ❤️❤️


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