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Hygge CAL Video Tutorials – week 2

How did it go last week with the first part of Scheepjes Hygge CAL designed by the Kirsten from Haak Maar Raak? I hope everything went well with you bobbles and color changes. This week is week 2 of Hygge and we are going to start the embroidery which makes this CAL so unique.


Video resources

Video tutorials

I have divided the videos for week 2 into three parts; the crochet background, the diamond separator and the cross stitch embroidery. In the description of the videos you can find the time stamps to each part so that you can jump ahead if you want to. The videos are available in English and Dutch, with left and right handed versions in both languages. Please note that in the English video I use UK crochet terms.


Cross stitch embroidery

I have been doing embroidery since I was about 8 years old. It is something that I have always loved to do because of the delicate details you can create with it. In the videos I give you many tips along the way to make your embroidery as beautiful as possible.

My most important tips:

  • Always have the cross made the same way. The cross stitch has two diagonal “legs”. Make sure that you always have the same diagonal on top. It doesn’t matter which one it is, as long as you are consistent.
  • Keep your stitches on top of the fabric, so don’t pull too hard on your yarn so that your cross stitches fall into your fabric. This will make your fabric uneven and your stitches hard to see.
  • I prefer to complete one stitch before continuing onto the next because this helps to keep your tension steady.
  • Start on one side of the pattern and work all colors collectively to the other side. If you work first all stitches of color A, then color B, etc you will most likely make counting mistakes somewhere along the line and your stitches will be offset by one or two positions. To prevent this complete the pattern in one area before continuing to the next.
  • Keep your yarn short and pay attention to working in your yarn tails properly.
  • When you work neatly you will be able to recognize the pattern you are working on the back of your work.

Maybe the most important thing, take your time with the embroidery to get your stitches perfect.

Yarn and kits for Hygge CAL

If you are only just joining in, there are 4 colorway kits to choose from. You can choose between the Rainbow, Jewel, Pastel and Danish Mermaid colorways. The kits contain 10 balls of Stone Washed yarn, 11 balls of Catona yarn and extra goodies to get you in the Hygge mindset. Goodies include a button, a charm, a stitch marker, a yarn needle and 2 wooden ice crystals. The kits are available from Wool Warehouse or your Scheepjes stockist.

I hope you enjoy this new challenge combining crochet and embroidery. Am really looking forward to seeing your work in the Facebook groups. I will share my progress here on my blog also.

With love,


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10 thoughts on “Hygge CAL Video Tutorials – week 2”

  1. je suis sur votre blog la vidéo pour le crochetage de l’étole que vous proposez en cal

    malheureusement je ne comprend pas du tout les explications que vous donnez en suplémment

    aux images : le nombre de mailles, de rangs car je ne parle pas du tout anglais mais que le français je

    comprend comment faire le travail de cette étole car je sais crocheter.

    la broderie est bien expliquée en images aussi mais il manque la grille du modèle de fleurs que vous proposez

    c’est dommage pour nous crocheteuses françaises qui ne parlons pas du tout anglais ou néerlandais

    merci pour le long travail de préparation que représente cet ouvrage et qui nous donnent à nous beaucoup de plaisir

    à réaliser. une lectrice française

    christiane brogard


  2. Goedenavond Esther ik heb mijn separator conform jouw instructievideo gehaakt. Echter ik kom aan de bovenkant uit ipv aan de onderkant bij de eerste rij. Je moet toch 3 steken aan linkerkant overhouden? Zo krijg ik 11 diamantjes ipv 10. Op zich niet zo erg maar ik ben zo benieuwd wat ik
    fout doe. Ik heb de steken geteld in de video van punt tot punt voor een richtlijn. Ik hoop dat je raad weet.


    1. klopt, je moet 3 steken weerskanten van de diamantjes overhouden. Ik heb geen idee…. Misschien ben je te ver naar links begonnen? Of misschien heb je ergens slechts 4 ipv 5 steken voor de diamantjes gemaakt?


      1. Dank voor je reactie. Het zat gewoon niet goed met de tussensteken. Ik haak altijd met jouw video’s mee, maar soms moet ik gewoon het telpatroon erbij pakken :).

        Liked by 1 person

  3. I am crocheting with jewel huggie cal I cannot find instruction on what colour I should be using when can u help me out I am left handed


    1. In the written pattern there is a table with when to use which color. You can find the pattern pdf’s on the SCheepjes website or in the Facebook group Scheepjes CAL International where the CAL was hosted.


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