Nuts about Squares CAL – Meet the testers!

Nuts about Squares CAL will start soon, but before we do I would like to take a moment to look back on the road that has brought the project to where it is today. In the past year I have selected squares, yarn, colors, determined yarn amounts, etc. etc. etc. A CAL is a whole process that takes time and needs to be done with care. I have not done it all alone, and today I would like to take a moment to share my appreciation for the lovely ladies that were involved.

Lynn & Laurene

When I first thought of doing my own CAL I ran the idea past Lynn and Laurene. They were enthusiastic and urged me to continue. We selected squares, contacted designers, thought about yarns and colors. Laurene inspired some of the colors for Nuts about the Earth blanket. Lynn inspired the colors for Nuts about the Sky and she also made the sample blanket. The Nuts about the Sky sample blanket will go to live with Lynn when Nuts about Squares CAL is finished.

ChiChi and Betty

ChiChi and Betty helped me to determine and confirm yarn amounts for the different colorways. ChiChi used her own colors of Scheepjes Color Crafter and Betty used Scheepjes Cocktail.

Here are ChiChi’s squares, still a WIP at this point, but it is going to be awesome when done! She used Scheepjes Color Crafter in the following combination for Colors A to F: Weert (1001), Heerenveen (1203), Dokkum (1302), Texel (1019), Wolvega (1099), and Rotterdam (1063).

Foto courtesy of ChiChi

In addition to making crochet squares, Betty is also helping me to check all the Dutch translations that I am making for all you Dutch ladies. I am SO grateful for the help because Dutch is not my native language.

Åza & Minno

Åza and Minno only became involved towards the end of the preparations for Nuts about Squares CAL. They had the almost impossible task of making the Nuts about the Earth sample blanket in only 5 weeks. They worked so hard and they did it! When Nuts about Squares is finished the Nuts about the Earth sample blanket will belong to Åza.

The girls loved the blanket so much that they decided to make a second blanket between the two of them, this time for Minno. Minno selected slightly different colors to the Earth blanket to give it more of an island feeling. She used the following Scheepjes Stone Washed Colors A to F: Brown Agate (822), Boulder Opal (804), Garnet (810), Rose Quartz (820), Corundum Ruby (808), and Moon Stone (801). Just look at how lovely the squares look in pink colors.

Foto courtesy of Minno

I want to thank all these wonderful ladies from the bottom of my heart. Your contributions have been invaluable to me.

With love,


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