My love for lace shawls

Many of you may not know this because I don’t really talk about it, but I LOVE lace shawls and wraps. I don’t make them nearly as much I as I would like to, but now I have the perfect excuse. I treated myself to luxury yarn when I was at Unravel a few weeks ago and I am going to make a lovely lace shawl with it.

I bought many goodies at the fair, more on the other goodies later, for now I show you this rightly named Scrumptious 4ply yarn by Fyberspates. It is a 4-ply/sport superwash merino/silk blend yarn and I have it in the colors Charcoal, Gold, and Oyster. This is the kind of yarn that you just want to pet, it’s SO soft and pretty. I’ll be honest, it did put me back a bit, this yarn does not come cheap. But on the other hand, I only visit yarn fairs once or twice a year and there is no fun going to a fair if you can’t buy yarn! Unless of course you go with other people and help them to buy yarn 😀

So what am I going to make with it? I have bought myself a fabulous pattern by a lady I really admire for her lace shawls, Bernadette Ambergen. She makes the most delicate designs with great eye for detail; her designs are exquisite. She has both crochet and knit designs, showing her limitless skills. I can’t even knit socks, so a knitted lace shawl is out of my league at the moment, but I still had a hard time choosing which of the crochet designs I would choose. I love Mila, Misitu, Wisteria, and Ilvy too. What a problem, I love ALL of them!

I finally chose Sammy because the design consists of 3 parts that I can use with the 3 colors of yarn I have. Once color for the solid section, one for the first lace edge and one for the second lace edge. Now comes the next hard decision, which to use where….

Sammy lace shawl by Berniolie (Bernadette Ambergen)

I will work in the background on this shawl and will show you when I have it finished. But first, Nuts about Squares!

With love,


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11 thoughts on “My love for lace shawls”

  1. These are so beautiful! Seeing these patterns prompted me to look up her other patterns. I purchased Shiobhan, it is stunning and it reminds me of a stained glass window – now to find the “perfect” yarn! Thanks for posting this 🙂

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