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Crochet cactus plants and other strange things…

Have you seen the latest edition of YARN magazine!? I got all excited when I saw the photo’s and fabulous projects in Yarn 3, the Tropical edition. It’s bright and happy and summer and everything you need for many fabulous crochet hours. But actually, not only crochet hours, there is plenty for good reading such as interviews with renowned designers as well as stuff about yarn, crochet supplies and other things we all love.

Projects in Yarn 3 Tropical Issue

There are many fun and beautiful knitting, crochet and sewing projects in this book-a-zine. And it’s not just the projects that are beautiful, just look at the graphics!

Want a quick page-through?

Cactus Puzzle Balls

A totally different and unusual project in the Tropical edition is by Dedri Uys from Look at what I made, super cute cactus puzzle balls. They fit in the palm of my hard, just too cute for words.

Assembly of the puzzle balls

I’m sure you will want to make these cute cactus plants, but assembling them can be a bit tricky. Therefore I have a short video on how to assemble them. For making the balls you can find the full pattern in Yarn 3 Tropical book-a-zine. I have the assembly video available in English and Dutch.

Ik heb een kleine video om te laten zien hoe je de super leuke cactus puzzel ballen in elkaar zet. Het kan lastig zijn als je het nog nooit gezien hebt.

Where to buy your Yarn book-a-zine

The Tropical edition book-a-zine is available from Wool Warehouse, (NL) and many other yarn retailers and bookstores. The previous two editions are also still available, the first book-a-zine was the Sea edition and the second Midnight Garden. It’s never too late to start a collection!

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